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Candace Parker’s Return to Hoops: Could this be a Championship Season for the Sparks?

Levon Satamian and Michaela Smalley  June 11th, 2019

Candace Parker, who has not played in a single game this season due to an injury to her hamstring, has apparently started getting workouts in with Sparks player development coach Jamal “Dash” Lovell. Parker shared a photo last Friday on social media with Lovell and Orlando Magic point guard Michael Carter-Williams with the caption “ALWAYS the class clown. Great work last night with my guys.” Could this mean that the Sparks legend is on the verge of return? Continue reading


Toronto: A viable market for a WNBA team?

Michaela Smalley | June 9th, 2019

There has never been a better time for a WNBA expansion than now. With talented rookies like Cierra Dillard and Megan Gustafson cut from WNBA rosters this season, it is clear that the league needs to expand in order to ensure that talented players have a place to play. Making a WNBA team’s roster is an extremely difficult task, especially when there are only twelve teams. Continue reading