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World Series Preview: Houston Astros vs Washington Nationals

Daniel Corrigan | October 22nd, 2019

The Fall Classic is finally upon us. The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals will face off in this year’s World Series. This is the second time in three years for the Astros and the first-ever appearance by the Washington Nationals. The Astros finished off the Yankees in six games in the ALCS and the Nationals swept their way past the Cardinals in the NLCS.

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Into the 80s with Tom Greene- Houston Astros

Tom Greene\ Aug 20th, 2019

This second installment of “Into the 80s with Tom Greene” took a few days longer than I, or even the Astros, had anticipated. But, nonetheless, the Astros become the third team this season to join the 80-win club. This comes at no surprise to baseball fans, as the Astros have seemingly controlled the AL West since 2015. However, their vision looks farther than winning the West. They want another World Series title, and they want it now. Let’s break the Astros’ team. Continue reading

Best offseason signings at the break

Marcos Mendoza | July 12th, 2019

As we hit to the end of the first half we take a look at some of the best offseason signings. Continue reading

The Most Lucky and Unlucky Pitchers of 2019

Michael Simione | June 3rd, 2019

Luck is a big part of baseball. Whether it be the ball bouncing a certain way or even a fielder losing a fly ball in the sun. For fantasy baseball, this can be important as it can impact a player’s numbers. There are two main metrics we use to see who is getting lucky or who is getting unlucky. The first one is BABIP. BABIP stands for – Batting Average on Balls in Play. Three factors that mainly influence BABIP are defense, luck, and talent level. The second one is LOB% which stands for Left on Base Percentage. This measures the percentage of base runners that a pitcher leaves stranded on base. Using both of these can give you a good idea if a pitcher is under or overachieving. While there are league averages, you really should measure these compared to the pitcher’s career average. For example, Kershaw always has a low BABIP because he is a fly ball pitcher and strikes batters out a lot. In the below chart I have the luckiest and unluckiest pitchers so far this season. Look below and I will go through some of these pitchers. Continue reading

NLCS Preview: Brewers vs Dodgers

Jamie Gatlin | October 11th, 2018

After the first round of the playoffs, the two teams left standing in the National League are the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. This matchup comes as no surprise as both teams won their respective divisions. They both had different journeys to get here, but only one can advance. The series starts Friday and is one you will not want to miss.

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