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Recap of Day 1 NFL Free Agency Madness

Andrew Harbaugh | March 12th, 2019

While we do not have any contracts similar to the type that Manny Machado or Bryce Harper have enjoyed we do have a large amount of money being spent by NFL teams to kickstart free agency.

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Business is Boomin’ in Oakland, Raiders acquire Antonio Brown

Givanni Damico | March 11th, 2019

The Antonio Brown saga is finally over. After enduring through months of complaining from Brown, as well as a fake news report from Ian Rapoport, the Steelers have finally rid themselves of the locker room cancer. Watching this whole situation unfold was more dramatic than an episode of Real Housewives and somehow less entertaining.

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Recap and Reaction to Crazy Day of NFL Trades

Andrew Harbaugh | March 9th, 2019

The new league year doesn’t officially start until Wednesday but that isn’t stopping any teams from making moves and lots of them.

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