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Stream Machine 6/24-6/30

Michael Simione | June 21st, 2019

Below are the three best streamers that I see for next week. I do love Zac Gallen but with the uncertainty of him staying in the lineup I sadly could not pick him. I also released an article this week displaying all the MLB team’s offenses, their underlying number and who is truly the worst. This is a great tool as you always want to stream against weak lineups. That can be seen here: How To Effectively Stream Pitchers Continue reading

How To Effectively Stream Pitchers

Michael Simione  | June 18th, 2019


Streaming and pitching matchups are without a doubt extremely important in fantasy baseball. It really helps in every league whether it is rotisserie, points or head to head categories. So besides looking at how a pitcher is performing to help boost our stats we also look at matchups before adding a pitcher. I decided to take some important underlying numbers and create a rotisserie like scoring system for every MLB team. I split them into home splits, away splits and just an overall ranking. This can help because you will be able to make a more educated decision on which pitcher to take off the wire.

Continue reading

Closer Carousel: How will the trade deadline impact closers?

Frank Ammirante| June 7th, 2019

Chasing saves is one of the most aggressive pursuits in fantasy baseball. With more teams opting to use their closers in high-leverage situations as opposed to traditional, ninth-inning usage, a common strategy has been to avoid paying for saves. This has made it important to attack the waiver wire or overbid opponents for newly-appointed closers. But what about closers thriving for rebuilding teams, at risk to be moved at the trade deadline for a package of prospects? Fantasy owners must decide whether their closers might become setup relievers when traded to a new team with a deeper bullpen, or if they will receive more save opportunities closing for a contender. Let’s examine the closers that are likely to be moved and assess the benefits for their fantasy value, categorizing each of them as “upgrade” or “downgrade.” Continue reading

MLB DFS DraftKings Around the Horn June 6th, 2019


Joel Dorcas |June 6th, 2019

Tonight we get a more simplified schedule as there will be eight-afternoon games compared to just five-night games. This might make matters easier for some as the pool of players will be trimmed down considerably. Of the six games, we will find that each game has pieces we can use to build optimal lineups. Hopefully, the Daily Fantasy season is going well for you, it can be a grind sometimes but doing some homework can turn out to be very rewarding at the end of the day. Time to circle the bases and go Around the Horn! Continue reading

The Most Lucky and Unlucky Pitchers of 2019

Michael Simione | June 3rd, 2019

Luck is a big part of baseball. Whether it be the ball bouncing a certain way or even a fielder losing a fly ball in the sun. For fantasy baseball, this can be important as it can impact a player’s numbers. There are two main metrics we use to see who is getting lucky or who is getting unlucky. The first one is BABIP. BABIP stands for – Batting Average on Balls in Play. Three factors that mainly influence BABIP are defense, luck, and talent level. The second one is LOB% which stands for Left on Base Percentage. This measures the percentage of base runners that a pitcher leaves stranded on base. Using both of these can give you a good idea if a pitcher is under or overachieving. While there are league averages, you really should measure these compared to the pitcher’s career average. For example, Kershaw always has a low BABIP because he is a fly ball pitcher and strikes batters out a lot. In the below chart I have the luckiest and unluckiest pitchers so far this season. Look below and I will go through some of these pitchers. Continue reading