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MLB Players Who Could Slump in 2019

Givanni Damico | February 25th, 2019

We see it every year. A player who has been good during the course of his career has a down year or a breakout year. It happens. Last year, it was Eric Hosmer, Kris Bryant (for his standards), and Jake Arrieta who underperformed. Who will it be this year? No one can know for sure, but I will definitely give my input (with the help of other members of the Scorecrow team).

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Cardiac Arrhythmia – Athletes Get It Too

Beth Sullivan | September 6th, 2018

What do Billy Jean King, Larry Bird, Victor Martinez, and Kenley Jansen all have in common? They are all members of a growing list of athletes who have been treated for cardiac arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats.  The most common arrhythmia in athletes and the general population is Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

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