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Six Players Who Could Be Traded This Offseason

Tanner Elliott | May 25th, 2020

Every offseason we get reports of more and more notable players on the trade block. This year is no different. Even though the NFL offseason may look different due to the coronavirus, that does not mean that high profile players will not get traded. Here are six players that could possibly change jerseys this offseason.

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2017 NFL Re-Draft: How Things Should Have Played Out

Mike Fanelli | May 15th, 2020

The deadline to exercise the fifth-year options for the 2017 first-round picks has come and gone. Of the 32 picks, 18 of them had their option exercised. However, four of the top five picks had their option declined. Now that it has been three seasons since this draft class entered the league, it’s fair to look back and redo the draft. For the purposes of this re-draft, I’m going to keep all trades in place but make my decisions based on current rosters.

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Five Bold Predictions for the New York Jets

Josh Livi | May 11th, 2020  

It’s a brand new season and the New York Jets are back and ready to compete this year. With Tom Brady out of the AFC East, the division is wide open. A revamped offensive line is going to do anything they can to protect Sam Darnold and put the team in a position to win week in and week out. Hopefully this year Darnold won’t catch mono and he could have a healthy and productive 2020 NFL season.

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New York Jets 2019 Season Recap

Josh Livi | January 10th, 2020 

The New York Jets had a pretty monster offseason. Bringing in Le’Veon Bell, C.J. Mosley, and Adam Gase. There were a lot of high hopes for gang green. It was a pretty rough beginning however as the Jets began the season 2-8 in their first 10 games. Jets lost a heart breaker to the winless 0-9 Miami Dolphins team and then lost later in the season to the 0-12 Cincinnati Bengals. Continue reading

New York Jets 2019 Team Preview

Raul Vazquez | Aug 17th, 2019 

The Jets had a disappointing 2018 season. The team did not have high expectations, by any means with Sam Darnold in his rookie year but the team only managed to win four games and missed the playoffs for the eighth straight season. Coming off an abysmal year, the offseason was busy and hectic with moves made throughout the organization.

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New York Jets Power Struggle: Why Former General Manager Mike Maccagnan Was Fired

Ethan Hewett | May 20th, 2019

The New York Jets have become the biggest headline in the National Football League after last Wednesday when, less than a month after the draft, they fired their General Manager Mike Maccagnan. Along with him they also fired Vice President of Player Personnel Brian Heimerdinger, who was Maccagnan’s second in command and potential successor. The Jets then placed new head coach Adam Gase as the interim GM.

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