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Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers Mount Rushmore Vin Scully

Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers Mount Rushmore

Alex Kielar | May 15th, 2020

The Dodgers have had a very storied history, they were founded in 1883 as the Brooklyn Atlantics. They moved to the National League in 1890. The Dodgers played in Brooklyn until 1957 when they moved to Los Angeles. They won an American Association Pennant in 1889, 23 National League Pennants, and won six World Series titles, one while in Brooklyn and five while in Los Angeles. With all this history, they have had a lot of legendary players, so it will be hard to limit their Mount Rushmore to just four. Nevertheless, here we go. Continue reading

Too Much Pod Tar

Too Much Pod Tar Podcast: This Day In Baseball History – April 10: Colt .45s and More Cowbell, Buehrle That’s All We Need

Alex Kielar  | April 10th, 2020

I am joined again by Johnnie Black to look back in today in baseball history. On this day, Ken Griffey Jr. hit two milestone home runs on his father Ken Griffey Sr.’s birthday, the color barrier was broken as Jackie Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had “More Cowbell”.

Continue reading

Dodgers Top Ten Second Baseman of All-Time

Levon Satamian| June 21st, 2019

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had many great talents over the years. I am going to take a look back at the top ten Dodgers of All-Time in each position, starting with the second basemen. Continue reading