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Jordan Binnington: The Savior of St. Louis

Givanni Damico | June 16th, 2019

After getting off to a 9-13-4 start through 26 games, there were not high hopes for the Blues to make a postseason run. The offense was struggling to put the puck in the net, and Jake Allen was an inconsistent nightmare in the crease. Vladimir Tarasenko uncharacteristically recorded just 24 points in the first 40 games of the season. The Blues had high hopes going into the season after acquiring Ryan O’Reilly from the Buffalo Sabres as well as signing veteran winger Tyler Bozak. They had the pieces for a great season, but it all started at the top.

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Colorado Avalanche 2018-19 Season Review

R. Aaron Houde | June 7th, 2019

Once again, the Colorado Avalanche found themselves in the playoffs. And once again, they took the second Wildcard spot in the Western Conference. And, once again, it came down to the wire. Finishing with a record of 38 wins, 30 losses, and 14 overtime losses, for a total of 90 points, they finished four points ahead of the Arizona Coyotes, clinching their second playoff berth in so many seasons. In our Season Reviews, we take a look back at the Avalanche’s season.

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Stanley Cup Final Game 3 Review


Carson Babbini | May 30th, 2019

After the St. Louis Blues dominated Game 2, the hockey world was interested to see how the Boston Bruins would respond. They sent a message tonight in an offensive Game 3 from the Bruins. Let’s take a look back at an interesting Game 3.

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Stars As Football Players: Hockey Edition

Tyler Forness | May 29th, 2019

One of the favorite pastimes for fans to do, especially when you are in the off-season, is to project. Whether it’s with draft prospects or people from other walks of life, it is always fun to fantasy book your favorite athletes, characters, and celebrities as football players. This series will utilize this exercise once a month, picking 6-8 different individuals spanning different sports, pro wrestling, television and movie casts, and celebrities. Today, we will be looking at how hockey stars today translate to the gridiron.

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