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Fibula – More Than Just a Leg Bone

Beth Sullivan | December 7th, 2018

What do NFL HOF quarterback Jim Kelly, Former Bills NFL center Eric Wood, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr., Washington Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy and Bills Center Russell Bodine have in common?  Seems like an unusual list of players, but if you guessed that their fibula plays a big role in their health, you would be right.

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Is Chase Utley a Hall of Famer?

John Lepore | July 18th, 2018

Chase Utley announced he would retire at the end of this season. Whenever a player is at the end of his career, we look back and appreciate the moments he gave us, discuss his legacy, and inevitably, for someone who has been a very good player, we ask the question: Is he a Hall of Famer?

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Miguel Cabrera’s Injury Will Cost The Detroit Tigers

Robby Messer | June 14th, 2018

Once again, we are witnessing why baseball teams extending players too far can be disastrous. I’m not talking about paying them too much. I’m talking about giving them long contract extensions that, and I rarely use this term, ALWAYS end up proving a player’s talents are one thing, but what their bodies will allow them to do is another thing entirely.

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