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Detroit Lions Week 11 Recap- Cowboys Still “Dem Boyz” For Now

Tom Greene | November 18th, 2019

Ah yes, if you read the title, it tells you a lot about this game. The famed Wiz Khalifa song, “We Dem Boyz“, has been a rallying tune amongst fans since the song came out in 2014. No, not the fight song, simply a rallying tune. Of course, like any Cowboys-related content, it’s been memed. Whether or not it’s funny is up to the reader.

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With Jay Gruden Gone What’s Next for the Washington Redskins?

John Woz, Jr. | October 7th, 2019 

Week five of the NFL brought about the first head coach firing of the year. The Washington Redskins slipped to 0-5, after suffering another heavy defeat on Sunday. Owner Dan Snyder had seen enough and fired Jay Gruden.

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