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Colorado Avalanche 2018-19 Season Review

R. Aaron Houde | June 7th, 2019

Once again, the Colorado Avalanche found themselves in the playoffs. And once again, they took the second Wildcard spot in the Western Conference. And, once again, it came down to the wire. Finishing with a record of 38 wins, 30 losses, and 14 overtime losses, for a total of 90 points, they finished four points ahead of the Arizona Coyotes, clinching their second playoff berth in so many seasons. In our Season Reviews, we take a look back at the Avalanche’s season.

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NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks April 2nd, 2019

Joel Dorcas | April 2nd, 2019

10 games on the slate for your Tuesday evening puck. Teams are still vying for playoff spots and division titles so the urgency to grab as many wins in only a handful of games is a driving force for many clubs. My targeted games are as follows: Colorado Avalanche hosting Edmonton, the surprisingly much better Detroit Red Wings at home to Pittsburgh, San Jose at Vancouver and Columbus versus the Bruins.

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NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks March 5th, 2019

Joel Dorcas | March 5th, 2019

10 games are on the docket for tonight in the NHL. My favorite games to target are as follows: Winnipeg at Tampa Bay (an implied total of seven in some place), the slumping Detroit Red Wings, losers of seven straight, at Colorado and Florida, losers of four straight, at Pittsburgh. Continue reading

Central Division Post Deadline Review

Dale Money | March 2nd, 2019

As we look towards the last leg of the regular season, the bottom four teams in the Central are within five points of each other and will no doubt be battling down to the very last couple of games, in an attempt to grab one of those highly coveted wildcard spots.

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