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NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks January 16, 2019

Joel Dorcas | January 16th, 2019

Calgary Flames v Detroit Red Wings : News Photo

Welcome back DFSers, we’ve reached the mid part of the week. Today’s NHL schedule is comprised of five total games, three of which will be broken down here. Colorado/Ottawa, Buffalo/Calgary, and San Jose/Arizona.

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Early NHL Trade Deadline Buyers and Sellers

Sean Tafoya | January 12th, 2019

The trade deadline is fast approaching for the NHL and teams will be looking to stockpile draft picks or make waves to put themselves over the hump for a potential run in June. Here we take a look at the teams vying for playoff positioning, teams who are looking to rebuild, and what they all should do at the NHL trade deadline.

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Colorado’s Woes Continue, Defense is Brutal for the Avs

Filip Canda | January 10th, 2019

Los Angeles Kings v Colorado Avalanche : News Photo

The Colorado Avalanche were one of the top stories last season. After having just 48 points in a miserable 2016-2017 season, the Avs bounced back with making the playoffs last spring. In the post-season, Colorado took it to heavy favorites Nashville Predators, but they fell short in Game 6 loss at the Pepsi Center in Denver when the Preds closed out the series with a resounding 4-0 victory.

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NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks January 8 2019

Joel Dorcas | January 8th, 2019

A whopper of a slate for your Tuesday evening. 11 games to pick players from on DraftKings. This makes things more interesting and perhaps more challenging for us to find a winning combination of players because the pool to pick from is so much greater on these nights. Florida at Pittsburgh, Columbus at Tampa Bay, Colorado at Winnipeg, and Edmonton at San Jose are where my focus will be, so let’s get going.

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NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks January 4, 2019

Joel Dorcas | January 4th, 2019

A seven-game slate to kick off the weekend. Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets, Washington Capitals and Dallas Stars, and finally New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche appear to be the best games to target. Let’s break it down. *Please note, player salary values may change after this writing*

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