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Boston Bruins All-Decade Team

Nick Jehamy | February 1st, 2020

We have hit 2020 and with the turn of the new decade, we here at The Scorecrow are putting together our All-Decade teams for each franchise. So who made the All-Decade team for the Boston Bruins? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

NHL DFS DraftKings Ice Picks November 21st, 2019

Joel Dorcas |November 21st, 2019

We did fairly well in identifying top options on Tuesday, let’s see if we can repeat on another full 13 games in the NHL. Here are the games we will target: Edmonton at Los Angeles, Buffalo at Boston, Colorado at Minnesota and Pittsburgh at N.Y. Islanders. The Zamboni has cleaned the ice, let’s make some Ice Picks! Continue reading

Keep Your Eye On: David Pastrnak, Boston Bruins

Dom Lunardo| November 10th, 2019

Pasta la Vista, Baby! When the Boston Bruins selected talented Czech winger David Pastrnak with the 25th overall pick back in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, they knew right from the start that they were getting a special player. The fact that “Pasta”, as he’s so commonly referred to by his Bruins teammates, went so very late in the first round is still a mystery to so many who cover the National Hockey League on a day-to-day basis. Fast-forward to his 6th NHL season, and we’re now talking about one of the most elusive and dynamic forwards in the NHL who is rapidly becoming (if he isn’t already) one of the finest players in the sport.

Continue reading