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Dallas Cowboys Draft Review: CeeDee Lamb

Dallas Cowboys Draft Review

Steve Seufert| May 4th, 2020

What better way to welcome Mike McCarthy to Dallas than re-signing Amari Cooper? That could be a rhetorical question until you’ve provided McCarthy with an excellent draft. Despite the coaching transition, I would expect the Cowboys to remain competitive in the NFC and certainly be a division-winning contender. The way they attacked the 2020 draft has something to do with it.

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Minnesota Vikings Draft Review: Justin Jefferson

Minnesota Vikings Draft Review

Byron Jewell | May 3rd, 2020

The Vikings had a busy draft weekend, with a grand total of 15 selections. They arguably had the best draft in the league and drafted some instant impact players that are ready to play from day one and guys who have high ceilings and will need some patience and coaching. Their total of 15 picks is a new record for selections since the change to the 7-round format and they also made a total of four trades. It’s a lot to take in if you’re a Vikings fan, so let’s break it down.

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Chicago Bears Draft Review Cole Kmet

Chicago Bears Draft Review

Joey Ricotta | May 3rd, 2020

As if Chicago Bears fans didn’t know what was going to happen. Ryan Pace hinted at drafting a tight end, and once again traded up instead of down. Meanwhile, I’m not sure I know what’s left from right during this quarantine. We all want to watch sports and are desperately grasping at straws to find any live-action. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Review Chase Claypool

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Review

Zach Gotlieb | May 2nd, 2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an underwhelming 2019 campaign, headlined by injuries, most importantly to their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. With the rise of the Baltimore Ravens in their division, the Steelers needed to retool this offseason. They picked up Stefen Wisniewski to help bolster the line and Eric Ebron to give Big Ben another weapon to throw to. Going into the draft, there were still holes at several positions. Trouble is, they were hamstrung by only having six picks in the draft, which includes no first-round pick. Identifying their most significant needs and addressing them was imperative. Let’s see how they did. Continue reading

Los Angeles Chargers draft review Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers Draft Review

Sam Schneider | May 1st, 2020

The Los Angeles Chargers started free agency like a shock-wave. The right side of the offensive line was fortified and they added key pieces to the defense that made it potentially one of the best in the league in a weaponized division. Coming off a 5-11 season that included three straight losses to close the campaign, that was only the start. Continue reading

Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft review Tristan Wirfs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Review

Ethan Hewett | May 1st, 2020

After an incredible free agency period acquiring their new star quarterback in Tom Brady along with Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were looking to draft the few remaining holes on their team. The Bucs were able to retain most of their defensive talent but still needed help on the offensive line. How did the Bucs fare in the 2020 NFL Draft? Let’s dig into these picks and find out. Continue reading

Los Angeles Rams Draft Review

Joey Ricotta | May 1st, 2020

Without a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, general manager Les Snead and the Los Angeles Rams seemed to have their work cut out for them. Then, the draft took place, and many first-round worthy selections slipped to the second round, where the Rams had two picks. They wound up with nine picks in total, including two third-round picks and three seventh-rounders. But did they make the right moves? Let’s take a look under the hood at the engine that drives this Rams team and what his thought process was like behind each choice.

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draft review - Patrick Queen

Baltimore Ravens Draft Review

Steve Seufert | May 1st, 2020

There always seems to be a plan with Eric DeCosta. I think a lot of that can be attributed to the great Ozzie Newsome. Newsome’s fingerprints continue to be all over the Ravens draft board, as evidence by their ability to target high character football players that have a professional floor. They find reliable players that’ll stick on their roster, and showcase their talent in late December when the injuries start to spike. The best draft class in 2020 goes to…the Ravens. Continue reading

Miami Dolphins Draft Review:Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins Draft Review

Givanni Damico | April 30th, 2020

The Miami Dolphins entered this draft looking to build this team up even more after spending a lot of money in free agency. They had 14 picks, but after trades, the Dolphins added 11 new players to their roster. So where did they hit? Where did they miss? Let’s get into the Miami Dolphins Draft Review. Continue reading

Carolina Panthers Draft Review: Derrick Brown

Carolina Panthers Draft Review

Alex Kielar | April 30th, 2020

Carolina Panthers’ new head coach Matt Rhule had one thing in mind and one thing only: Improve the defense that allowed 29.4 PPG last season and lost six of seven players who had more than three sacks. Rhule and the Panthers did just that and became the first team in history to use all seven of their draft picks on defense. After working on the offense during free agency, the Panthers wanted to go defensive-heavy in the draft. A few offensive players showed up on their board throughout the draft but were gone by the time their pick came around.

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Kansas City Chiefs draft review : L'Jarius Sneed

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Review

Givanni Damico | April 30th, 2020

The reigning Super Bowl champions look to become even more of a threat in 2020. Obviously, this is not a make-or-break draft for the Chiefs due to how good they already are, but there is a lot of talent in the draft that can make Kansas City unstoppable. Did they make the right moves to make them better now? Let’s get into the Kansas City Chiefs Draft Review.

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Indianapolis Colts Draft Review

Byron Jewell | April 29th, 2020  

The Colts didn’t have a first-round pick this year, but they had nine total picks and made the most of the selections they had. Indianapolis lives through the draft and developing their own guys so this a focal point for this team. They brought in a pretty good haul and had a nice mix of team need and the best talent available picks, with four of their first five selections on the offensive side of the ball.

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Draft Review: Mekhi Becton

New York Jets Draft Review

Givanni Damico | April 29th, 2020

Joe Douglas went into this draft with something to prove. There were a lot of different routes that the Jets could have gone, but I think, for the most part, they took the correct route. Let’s get into it. Continue reading

draft review andrew thomas

New York Giants Draft Review

Alex Kielar | April 29th, 2020

The Giants came into the draft having a glaring need at offensive tackle to give their franchise quarterback Daniel Jones and stud running back Saquon Barkley protection. General Manager Dave Gettleman surprisingly didn’t make any questionable moves. He filled their biggest needs on both sides of the ball pretty well. On the biggest positions of need – offensive line and secondary – they added starting level talent and solid depth. They didn’t add any offensive weapons, but they did grab some solid UDFA options.

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Las Vegas Raiders Draft Review: Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama Crimson Tide #11

Las Vegas Raiders Draft Review

Daniel Corrigan| April 29th, 2020

The Las Vegas Raiders came into the draft this season needing to address their receiving core and the defensive backfield. They did so in the most Jon Gruden way, drafting “football guys.” Let’s look at who those guys are in the Las Vegas Raiders Draft Review.

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Denver Broncos Draft Review

Zach Gotlieb | April 28th, 2020

Concluding the most important offseason in recent memory, the Denver Broncos had 10 picks to make final improvements going into the 2020-21 season. Surprisingly, despite several confirmed rumors about attempts to trade up and down in the draft, Denver stuck with all 10 picks at their original spots. John Elway’s draft strategy over the past two years of drafting high-quality players and people. A strategy that no doubt came through again this year. Continue reading

Chase Young

Washington Redskins Draft Review

Steve Seufert | April 28th, 2020

One thing is for sure, Kyle Smith and Ron Rivera had a plan. A plan that was made public to the fans. The plan was to add versatility and what Rivera refers to as position-less football players.  I love that they stuck to their plan, even if I thought there were better players on the board. They’re trying to instill a culture and attitude that this organization has lacked for almost three decades. I think it’s already working.

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San Francisco 49ers Draft Review:49ers first-round pick Javon Kinlaw, DL, South Carolina

San Francisco 49ers Draft Review

Brady Podloski | April 28th, 2020

The NFL draft is over, and now we are all left with no sports for the summer. Now, all we can do is analyze and debate whether teams had a good draft or not. In short, the Niners had a good draft. They were even able to trade a 2020 fifth-round pick and a 2021 third-round pick for starting left tackle Trent Williams. While the Niners didn’t have very many draft picks going into Thursday, they made the most of their five selections. 

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Philadelphia Eagles Draft Review

Alex Kielar | April 28th, 2020

Philadelphia went into this draft with a huge need at wide receiver and a number of other glaring holes. By the time the draft ended, they filled those needs, while also turning some heads in round two. They also traded back in round six with the San Francisco 49ers and got receiver Marquise Goodwin to add to their speed factor on offense. All of these draft picks could find their way onto the 53-man roster. Continue reading

Utah State QB, Jordan Love #10

Green Bay Packers Draft Review

Mason Thompson | April 28th, 2020

The Green Bay Packers came into draft weekend with a surprising amount of needs for a team that just went 13-3 and was a game away from the Super Bowl. Their two biggest needs were at wide receiver and linebacker, where the team seemed to have put a bandaid over those positions with the additions of Christian Kirksey and Devin Funchess. As a Packers fan, I was beyond excited to see how the draft turned out in this loaded receiver class. Let’s see how they addressed their needs, including a trade-up in the first round.

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Cleveland Browns Draft Review: First-Round pick Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama Crimson Tide

Cleveland Browns Draft Review

Daniel Corrigan | April 28th, 2020

The NFL draft is officially over and it’s time to give our grades on how teams drafted. The Browns entered the draft needed offensive line help and were rumored to be active in the Trent Williams sweepstakes. They ultimately went ahead and decided to grab a young offensive lineman with their first-round pick.

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Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

Arizona Cardinals Draft Review

Brady Podloski | April 27th, 2020

The Arizona Cardinals brought in an array of talent in the draft, getting value on both sides of the ball. Each pick graded highly and also filled a need on the team. With the positions that needed assistance – defense tackle and linebacker- the Cardinals were able to get new starters and depth. Continue reading

Tennessee Titans Draft Review

Givanni Damico | April 27th, 2020

The Tennessee Titans entered the 2020 NFL Draft with clear needs on the offensive line, defensive line, and in the secondary. With only six picks in this draft, the Titans tried their best to address their needs and it led to a reach or two. Continue reading

Michigan center, Cesar Ruiz, #51

New Orleans Saints Draft Review

John Lepore | April 27th, 2020

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The New Orleans Saints started out with five picks heading into Thursday night. They wound up with four which included trading up to grab two third-round picks after the initial first-rounder. Let’s take a closer look at these four players, who may just make an impact from the start, in the New Orleans Saints draft review.

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Jeffrey Okudah

Detroit Lions Draft Review

Brady Podloski | April 27th, 2020

What an exciting draft weekend! Now all that we can do is talk about the prospects each team drafted. One thing is certain from the weekend, the Detroit Lions got better with each of their picks. As well, It is no secret that Lions head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn needed impact players that could play right away, as they are on the hot seat. From this draft, the Lions picked several pro-ready players that will make a difference in their 2020 season. With that said, this is the recap of the Lions draft and highlights the players they drafted. Continue reading

Buffalo Bills Draft Review

Givanni Damico | April 26th, 2020

Buffalo went into this draft without a first-round pick due to the Stefon Diggs trade, but you wouldn’t know it based on the talent they came away with. They did a great drop addressing the only needs on this team as well as some holes on the depth chart. Every single guy in this draft class could easily find themselves on the 53-man roster in 2020. Continue reading