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Here’s How to Make This NBA Season Not Have Been a Complete Waste

Josh Elias | April 6th, 2020

So, as you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re, um, having a bit of a problem at the moment.

I haven’t mentioned it yet because almost every article I’ve seen for weeks has been about it, but we’re in the midst of what’s likely to be the worst pandemic in at least 60 years, a financial collapse that will shatter our economic systems as we know them, and – definitely not worst of all – no basketball. Continue reading

How Not to Be a Top-3 Pick: What Happens When a Player Busts Before They Make the NBA?

Josh Elias | April 5th, 2020

Looking back in time, it’s baffling that no one was willing to take a flyer on Ben Wallace in the same draft that Vitaly Potapenko, fresh out of Wright State, went in the lottery.

Even at the time, it seemed ludicrous for the Clippers to select Michael Olowokandi first in 1999. He only started in one of his three seasons at mid-major Pacific University, and college superstars Mike Bibby, Raef LaFrentz, and Vince Carter were all options, but no, they went with the Kandi Man. Continue reading

Chicago Bulls Reportedly Eyeing Goran Dragic, Derrick Jones Jr, and a Heat Executive

Jacari McRae | April 5th, 2020  

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly interested in Goran Dragic and Derrick Jones Jr, according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. Both players are expected to be unrestricted free agents in free agency, whenever that starts. The Bulls are also interested in Miami Heat vice president of basketball operations Adam Simon.

Continue reading

Dragic says HEAT are doing group workouts on Zoom

Jacari McRae | April 1st, 2020 

It’s almost been a month since the NBA season was canceled. There’s still uncertainty on when or if the NBA season will resume. There’s been talk about resuming the season in the summer and possibly playing into September. However, no one knows what will happen. Everyone is still trying to adjust to the new normal. Continue reading

Former HEAT Assistant Coach David Fizdale Praises Heat’s Culture

Jacari McRae  | March 28th, 2020

Former Miami Heat assistant coach David Fizdale continues to speak highly of the Heat’s culture. Fizdale appeared on the Golic and Wingo show on ESPN Radio earlier this week and one of the topics discussed was the Brooklyn Nets firing of Kenny Atkinson. Brooklyn players reportedly being unhappy with Atkinson played a huge role in the coach’s departure.

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Utilitarianism, When Two Sports Clash, and the Dude Who Played an NBA Game and Never Got Paid for It

“The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do, never does what he can do.”

One thing that’s always intrigued me about sports is the dying phenomenon of the multi-sport athlete at the professional level.

While sports, in general, are beginning to largely ditch specialists in favor of utilitarians, the greatest form of a utilitarian (no, I’m obviously not talking about John Stuart Mill) is no longer a thing. Continue reading