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Chicago Cubs Mount Rushmore Sammy Sosa

Chicago Cubs Mount Rushmore

Joey Ricotta | June 2nd, 2020

The Chicago Cubs franchise, which began in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings, has a long, tremendous amount of history. After winning two straight World Series titles in 1907 and 1908, the Cubs went through the longest drought in the history of North American sports, not winning another title, until the unthinkable happened and they won it all in 2016. A 108-year drought snapped. Because a lot of those players are still playing, and their stories are still being told, I decided to leave out anyone who could potentially make this list from that team. Continue reading

MLB Draft Profile: Spencer Torkelson

MLB Draft Profile: Spencer Torkelson

Alex Kielar | May 31st, 2020

The Major League Baseball amateur draft will begin on June 10th at 7pm ET. We begin our series of MLB draft profiles with a player who many project to be the first pick overall: Spencer Torkelson

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Texas Rangers Mount Rushmore Adrian Beltre

Texas Rangers Mount Rushmore

Euan Leith | May 29th, 2020

The Texas Rangers have been battling with the heat in the Lone Star state since 1972. After relocating from the nation’s capital, they went 25 years before experiencing their first taste of the postseason and 39 years until they won their first series in the postseason. However, the 2010s have been a lot kinder to the franchise. Back-to-back World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011 brought them two American League pennants, and they made the postseason five times in the last decade, making it the most successful period in the team’s history. Continue reading

Chicago White Sox Mount Rushmore Frank Thomas

Chicago White Sox Mount Rushmore

John Supowitz | May 27th, 2020

The White Sox are a long and historic franchise. Their origins go back to when they were known as the Sioux City Cornhuskers of the Western League, a minor league under the parameters of The National Agreement with the National League. Charles Comiskey would purchase the team in 1894, move to St. Paul Minnesota, and would rename them the Saints. Continue reading

Play Ball?

Play Ball?

Sam Schneider | May 27th, 2020

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, Major League Baseball owners proposed a return-to-play plan that the players effectively scoffed at, putting fans’ hopes for a baseball return in question. Continue reading

NASCAR Cup Series DFS Martin Truex Jr.

NASCAR Cup Series DFS: Alsco Uniforms 500

Brandon Braasch | May 26th, 2020

The NASCAR Cup Series schedule is starting to pick up. This will be the fourth Cup Race since returning on May 17th. They will once again be at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Wednesday nights race will be only 500 km and just like last Wednesday, there will be no qualifying or practice. They will invert the field just like last week as well so, 1-20 will be flipped and 21-40 will start were they finished Sunday. Continue reading

MLB The Show Rebuild: Pittsburgh Pirates

MLB The Show Rebuild: Pittsburgh Pirates

Daniel Corrigan | May 24th, 2020

Hello, welcome to the first installment of what will most definitely be the most time-consuming series I have ever done. I will be rebuilding baseball teams through MLB The Show 20’s franchise simulation.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Mount Rushmore: Randy Johnson

Arizona Diamondbacks Mount Rushmore

Euan Leith | May 23rd, 2020

The Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the newest teams to baseball after being founded in 1998. They have only been around 22 years, but have already added one World Series title in 2001. They have made the playoffs six times and won their division on five occasions.

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Florida/Miami Marlins Mount Rushmore: Jose Fernandez

Florida/Miami Marlins Mount Rushmore

John Lepore | May 22nd, 2020

The Florida/ Miami Marlins came into the league in 1993. Despite the short history, the Marlins have two World Series Championships (1997, 2003). They’ve also had some pretty good players come through their franchise. But who makes the Florida/Miami Marlins Mount Rushmore?

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Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Shane Bieber

Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Pitching

Daniel Corrigan | May 21st, 2020

Welcome back to the last installment of the Team USA Dream Team roster draft. We have covered the infield and outfield and all that remains is the pitching staff. Once again, this is a combination of the best players and those that have some personality.

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Team USA Olympic Dream Team: Bryce Harper

Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Outfield

Daniel Corrigan | May 17th, 2020

Welcome back, in my last article, I set the infield for the Team USA dream team. For this article, I will look at, arguably the most talented group for this hypothetical dream team, the outfield.

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Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Infield Nolan Arenado

Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Infield

Daniel Corrigan | May 16th, 2020

Baseball has not been in the Olympics since the 2008 games in Bejing but will be returning to the Olympic Games in Tokyo (which has been postponed due to the Coronavirus.)

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Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers Mount Rushmore Vin Scully

Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers Mount Rushmore

Alex Kielar | May 15th, 2020

The Dodgers have had a very storied history, they were founded in 1883 as the Brooklyn Atlantics. They moved to the National League in 1890. The Dodgers played in Brooklyn until 1957 when they moved to Los Angeles. They won an American Association Pennant in 1889, 23 National League Pennants, and won six World Series titles, one while in Brooklyn and five while in Los Angeles. With all this history, they have had a lot of legendary players, so it will be hard to limit their Mount Rushmore to just four. Nevertheless, here we go. Continue reading

Cleveland Indians Mount Rushmore: Jim Thome

Cleveland Indians Mount Rushmore

Daniel Corrigan| May 14th, 2020

The Cleveland Indians franchise has been around since 1894, where they were originally the Grand Rapids Rustlers, a minor league team in the Western League (which later became the American League.) They moved the team in 1900 to Cleveland where they became the Cleveland Lake Shores.

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Seattle Mariners Mount Rushmore

Joel Dorcas | May 14th, 2020

The Seattle Mariners franchise began in 1977. They went through multiple losing seasons never having reached a .500 winning percentage until 1991. Despite no championships, there have been some very exciting moments during the short history of the franchise. Who can forget the spirited 1995 Division Series win over the New York Yankees or the record-breaking 116 -win regular season in 2001. Despite the brief history, the Mariners franchise has had some very high-end talent be a part of their organization. Let’s open up the history books and take a look at the Seattle Mariners Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos Mount Rushmore: Tim Raines

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos Mount Rushmore

John Lepore | May 13th, 2020

A franchise that has only been around since 1969 has a limited amount of players to choose from. Especially a franchise that hasn’t had much success until recently. Nevertheless, we will choose the four players to have their faces immortalized on the Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos Mount Rushmore.

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San Francisco Giants Mount Rushmore Willie Mays

New York/San Francisco Giants Mount Rushmore

John Supowitz | May 12th, 2020

The San Fransisco Giants have a long and prestigious history that dates back to 1883 when they were known as the New York Gothams. This makes them the first professional baseball team in New York. Two years later, they became the New York Giants and began playing in the historic Polo Grounds. It was known for the shape that was unique for baseball games. Left field was 279 ft, right was 258 ft, and center was 483 ft, the reason was that the stadium was also the home for the New York Titans, now known as the Jets, and the New York Football Giants. Continue reading

Atlanta Braves Mount Rushmore: Hank Aaron

Atlanta Braves Mount Rushmore

Alex Kielar | May 8th, 2020

If there is a Major League Baseball season this year, it will be the 149th for the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. Starting out as the Boston Red Stockings in the early 1870s, they are one of the most historic teams in history and are actually the only one of the current 30 teams to field a team every season professional baseball has been in existence. With a team that has been around for so long, it is difficult to limit this to just four players. Nevertheless, here are the players who should be on a hypothetical Atlanta Braves Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

Milwaukee Brewers Mount Rushmore: Robin Yount and Paul Molitor

Milwaukee Brewers Mount Rushmore

John Lepore | May 6th, 2020

The Milwaukee Brewers have a shorter history in Major League Baseball than many teams. They started as the Seattle Pilots in 1969 and moved to Milwaukee after the sale of the team to Bud Selig. They made their only World Series appearance in 1982 so you’d expect a couple of those guys to be on this monument. Who fills out the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers Mount Rushmore?

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Former Closer Jim Johnson

The Downfall Of Jim Johnson: What Really Happened?

Adrian Andrew | May 6th, 2020

There have only been three MLB relievers to have multiple 50 save seasons. Can you guess those three? Eric Gagne, Mariano Rivera, and Jim Johnson. Wait, what? Jim Johnson? Okay okay, maybe that wasn’t mind-boggling enough for you. Only two closers have ever recorded back to back 50 save seasons. The two men to accomplish that feat would be none other than Eric Gagne and… Jim Johnson.

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COVID-19 baseball

Who’s On First? Covid-19 Edition

Sam Schneider | May 5th, 2020

“Wel- uh um ttoo Ope ing-ing Day-ay ah twennnnnty-tee bayayseball eason!”.

More iconic words have probably never been spoken in the history of Major League Baseball. Even with less-than-stellar Wi-Fi, the announcer (sitting on his deck near the coast of South Carolina) is ushering in the first game of a season. It was delayed by a world pandemic and still with many restrictions in place. He is watching the same feed as you and me. Coming to us from a solitary camera perched in the stands. It is roughly seventy-five feet behind home plate and elevated for a full view of the field.

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Baltimore Orioles Malachi Emond

Interview With Baltimore Orioles Prospect Malachi Emond

Adrian Andrew | May 5th, 2020

Recently I had the privilege to interview Orioles prospect, Malachi Emond. Emond was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB Draft in 2019, and in his minor league debut season with the Aberdeen IronBirds (Short-season Class A) Emond posted a solid 2.66 ERA, over 20.1 innings pitched, with one save. It seems that the Orioles organization is grooming him as a closer or possibly a set-up man. Continue reading

Los Angeles Angels Mount Rushmore: Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels Mount Rushmore

John Lepore | May 4th, 2020

If we have a Major League Baseball season this year, it will be the 60th for the California/Los Angeles Angels. For teams like the Angels that have a shorter history than most, it is hard to pick four players. Nevertheless, let’s see who would be on the Los Angeles Angels Mount Rushmore.

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Oakland Athletics Mount Rushmore: Rickey Henderson

Oakland Athletics Mount Rushmore

Joel Dorcas | May 3rd, 2020

The Oakland Athletics have been an active franchise in Major League Baseball since 1901. They were first located in Philadelphia then moved briefly to Kansas City before settling to where they are now in 1968. The Athletics play their home games at extremely spacious Oakland Coliseum. Although not as impactful and historic as the Boston’s and New York’s of the world, this franchise has had some great and charismatic players dawn the green and gold. Let’s open up the history books and reveal the Oakland Athletics Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

St. Louis Cardinals Mount Rushmore: Stan Musial

St. Louis Cardinals Mount Rushmore

Caitlin Roche | May 3rd, 2020

In the hypothetical erection of The St. Louis Cardinals Mount Rushmore (which in my head are just giant busts super glued to the peak of the arch), four players have cemented their names at the top of record books and on the hearts of nearly every St. Louis Cardinals fan.

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Houston Astros Mount Rushmore: Biggio and Bagwell

Houston Astros Mount Rushmore

Euan Leith | May 1st, 2020

The Houston Astros have been around since 1962, but only have three pennants and one World Series championship to their name. Despite the lack of team accolades, the franchise has had a ton of talent grace the fields of the Astrodome and Minute Maid Park.

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best baseball video games

What Are Some Of The Best Baseball Video Games?

John Supowitz | April 29th, 2020

There have been so many great baseball video games throughout history. I and some of The Scorecrow staff give us just a few. Continue reading

The new Boston Red Sox Ace, Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez Preparing For Bigger Role In 2020

Jamie Gatlin | April 27th, 2020

When the MLB season does begin, the Boston Red Sox will have a new opening day starter for the first time since 2017. Over the past two years, that honor has fallen to Chris Sale, however, he will miss all of the 2020 season due to Tommy John surgery. Due to Sale’s absence, Eduardo Rodriguez will most likely be named the opening day starter. The former top prospect is coming off a career year and will now have even higher expectations. Continue reading

What Is The Future Of Minor League Baseball Post-Coronavirus?

.John Supowitz | April 24th, 2020  

Thanks to the current pandemic, we are stuck at home binge-watching The Office and having night terrors of Joe Exotic. The one major thing we don’t have is sports. Rest assured, sports will come back, but at what capacity? Continue reading

Josh Taylor Enters 2020 with High Expectations

Jamie Gatlin | April 19th, 2020

For the Boston Red Sox, the 2019 season was one to forget. After winning it all in 2018, the Red Sox finished third in the AL East and missed the playoffs for the first time in three years. The defending champs were besieged by injuries and a bullpen that struggled for the majority of the season. Although the Red Sox pitching struggled, some young players such as Josh Taylor stepped up. While the start of the 2020 season has been delayed, they’re optimistic that the season will be played. Taylor will be an important piece for Boston.

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What If… The 1994 MLB Strike Never Happened (World Series and Beyond)

John Lepore | April 15th, 2020

The 1994 MLB strike devastated baseball. It was the first time since 1904 that the World Series wasn’t played. It cut short historic seasons, deprived franchises of turning their fortunes around, and cost the game some fans who had grown up on the crack of the bat and the smell of peanuts. But on August 11, 1994, after Randy Johnson struck out Ernie Young, there was no joy in Mudville or any other town where baseball was played.

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Too Much Pod Tar

Too Much Pod Tar Podcast: This Day In Baseball History – April 15: Happy Jackie Robinson Day

Alex Kielar | April 15th, 2020

Despite no baseball being played, baseball celebrates the legacy and memories of the man who broke the color barrier today. On the 73rd anniversary of Jackie Robinson‘s Major League debut, MLB and all its players, fans, journalists, announcers, and others celebrate this special day online. Throughout the day, MLB’s social media pages and MLB Network will be streaming and televising games that occurred on this day and involving Robinson, finishing it off with a stream of the 1955 World Series Robinson and the Dodgers were in. That was when his famous steal of home occurred with Yogi Berra behind the plate (who until his last breath fully believed he tagged him out). Continue reading

Too Much Pod Tar

Too Much Pod Tar Podcast: This Day In Baseball History – April 14: Elston, WGN, and The Flying Dutchman

Alex Kielar | April 14th, 2020

I had Johnnie Black on once again as we looked back on this day in baseball history. We talked about Elston Howard becoming the first African American to play for the Yankees, Honus Wagner being the first player to earn five figures, and more!

Be sure to check out a brand new episode every day as we look back in time. There will be a special episode tomorrow for Jackie Robinson Day!

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MLB’s Best Lineups of the Past Decade (Part Two)

Joel Dorcas | April 14th, 2022

On to the bests of the best. These assemblies of position players have put up some impressive offensive totals. How will they be remembered compared to decades that will follow? Will home runs continue to dominate the game? Until then let’s play homage to these five great lineups! Feel free to let us know which teams should have made the cut, enjoy! Continue reading

MLB’s Best Lineups of the Past Decade (Part One)

Joel Dorcas | April 13th, 2020

Now that we have the best pitching rotations covered, we can take a look at the best offenses of the past 10 years. To no one’s surprise, the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Houston Astros are on the list at least once. Also not a surprise, the highly potent offensives mostly are coming from the American League. It’s not to say the Dodgers and Cardinals weren’t stacked with productive players, it’s the fact that the A.L. just scores more runs with the Designated Hitter. Just a heads up, 2019 was a good year for offense, teams from that season are well represented here. Three teams with at least 900 runs and two teams with 300 HRs or more. O.K. let’s get to the list already! Continue reading

MLB’s Best Pitching Rotations of the Past Decade (Part Two)

Joel Dorcas | April 8th, 2022

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying these top-10 pieces. We are trying our best to provide content while we wait for play to resume. Let’s explore the best of the best as we count down to numero uno. These explorations are always up for debate, let us know your favorite starting five of the last 10 years! Continue reading

Philadelphia Phillies 2020 Season Preview

John Lepore | April 8th, 2020

The Philadelphia Phillies finished exactly .500 last season. With J.T. Realmuto and Bryce Harper heading into 2019, the Phillies had high hopes for a playoff berth. While both players performed well (top 2 on the team in bWAR), the Phillies squad had other problems.

Continue reading

MLB’s Best Pitching Rotations of the Past Decade (Part One)

Joel Dorcas | April 7th, 2020

This quarantine has turned into compiling lists of best and worst for me as we have no present-day gameplay to write about. My focus has been on the NHL lately, let’s change gears and take a crack at baseball. One of my favorite things about the sport is the construction of rotations and batting orders/ lineups. First up will be Starting Rotations. (Feel free to comment with your favorites/ ones that should be on the list).We will break it up into two parts. Continue reading

Red Sox 2020 Preview

Jamie Gatlin | April 6th, 2020

Although the MLB season is currently on hold when and if play resumes, the Boston Red Sox roster will look very different than just a year ago. This offseason, the Red Sox dealt franchise star Mookie Beets in a blockbuster deal with the Dodgers. They also lost fan-favorite Brock Holt in free agency and will be without the services of Chris Sale due to Tommy John Surgery. They will have a new manager in Ron Roenicke after Alex Cora stepped down due to his role in the Astros sign-stealing scandal. While the Red Sox are full of new faces they will be looking to return to the postseason when baseball resumes. Continue reading

Too Much Pod Tar: This Day In Baseball History – April 4: Tuffy, Tommy, and Hammerin’ Hank

Alex Kielar  | April 4th, 2020  I’m joined again by Johnnie Black for today’s baseball history. We talk about Tuffy Rhodes‘s three-HR game and Hank Aaron tying the mighty Babe. Continue reading

Washington Nationals 2020 Season Preview

Sam Schneider  | April 2nd, 2020

It’s been a long offseason. Aside from the delay of baseball due to the ever-growing concern over Covid19, there were also a lot of developments with respect to the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. Fines, bans, and firings that made for an eventful offseason but also lent itself to the feeling that it has been particularly drawn out. Continue reading

Does Yimi Garcia Have Fantasy Relevance?

Joey Ricotta |March 31st, 2020  

Signed as a free agent this offseason, the former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Yimi Garcia, enters 2020 as a primary setup man for the Miami Marlins. In this day and age, it’s hard to find a pitcher who hasn’t had Tommy John surgery at some point in their career. Garcia is no exception, he missed most of the 2016 season because of arm issues and wound up getting the procedure done on October 25, 2016, which caused him to miss the entirety of the 2017 season. Continue reading

The 1990s Cleveland Indians: The Worst Dynasty In Baseball

Daniel Corrigan | March 30th, 2020

When you think of teams dominating a single decade, you think multiple championships. The Steelers in the 70s, the Bulls in the 90s, the Yankees in, well every decade until the 70s.

Continue reading

San Francisco Giants 2020 Season Preview

Sam Schneider | March 30th, 2020 

The San Francisco Giants finished 2019 with their third straight losing season. Although their win total increased each of the last two seasons, there’s not a lot of good to look forward to in 2020 as the rebuilding continues, but there are pieces in the organization that lend themselves some hope for the future. Continue reading

What If…The 1994 MLB Strike Never Happened (NL Edition)

John Lepore | March 29th, 2020

The Strike of 1994 devastated baseball. It was the first time since 1904 that the World Series wasn’t played. It cut short historic seasons, deprived franchises of turning their fortunes around, and cost the game some fans who had grown up on the crack of the bat and the smell of peanuts. But on August 11, 1994, after Randy Johnson struck out Ernie Young, there was no joy in Mudville or any other town where baseball was played.

Continue reading

Too Much Pod Tar Podcast: This Day In Baseball History – March 29: Birth of a “Young” Legend

Alex Kielar  | March 29th, 2020

As we continue the “This Day In Baseball History” series, Nick Jehamy and I again looked back in time on this day. This is our 70th episode overall for this podcast, and seventh in what I’m calling the third season. Find out about everything that happened on this day in baseball history, including a couple trades, extensions, and the birth of some guy named Denton True Young (wonder how he turned out). Continue reading

New York Yankees 2020 Season Preview

Alex Kielar| March 29th, 2020

The Yankees fell just short of getting back to the World Series in 2019, falling to the Houston Astros in six games in the American League Championship Series. During the regular season, they put up their second straight 100-win season, going 103-59 and rolling to their first American League East Championship since 2012. They ran right through the Minnesota Twins in the American League Division Series, sweeping them in three games, 10-4, 8-2, and 5-1. Continue reading

Houston Astros 2020 Season Preview

Euan Leith | March 28th, 2020

The Houston Astros won 100 games for the third season in a row last year and made it all the way to a Game 7 versus the Washington Nationals last season, but couldn’t clinch their second World Series title in three years.

Continue reading

Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 Season Preview

Kody Clawson  | March 28th, 2020

The Pirates’ 2019 campaign was a rough one, to be sure, going 69-93, finishing last in the division, and ending with the firing of manager Clint Hurdle, general manager Neal Huntington, and beginning a possible rebuild that has, unfortunately, seemingly been a long time coming. Hiring former Red Sox GM Ben Cherington and pairing him with manager Derek Shelton, the team looks to retool its major league roster while also restock the farm system to prepare for the next chance to retake the division and become competitive once more.

Continue reading

What If…The 1994 MLB Strike Never Happened (AL Edition)

John Lepore | March 24th, 2020

The Strike of 1994 devastated baseball. It was the first time since 1904 that the World Series wasn’t played. It cut short historic seasons, deprived franchises of turning their fortunes around, and cost the game some fans who had grown up on the crack of the bat and the smell of peanuts. But on August 11, 1994, after Randy Johnson struck out Ernie Young, there was no joy in Mudville or any other town where baseball was played.

Continue reading