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Alfonzo McKinnie’s Winding Path to the NBA Finals

Josh Elias | May 23rd, 2019

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Surprise, surprise. The Golden State Warriors are in the Finals again. I’m not sure there’s a person on the planet that could have credibly predicted anything else, and that can’t be said about any other team in history aside from the 1960s Boston Celtics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely a legendary feat to make the NBA Finals five consecutive times and it deserves plenty of recognition, but it isn’t exactly surprising, is it? Everyone likes an underdog story, and while this Warriors dynasty started out as one, it’s been a long time since that’s the case. So instead, I’ll focus on one specific player that I personally believe is possibly the biggest underdog story in the league – Alfonzo McKinnie.

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MLS Week 12 Must-Watch Games

Josh Elias | May 18th, 2019

The season is Los Angeles FC’s to lose at this point, with the other top teams consistently dropping points as soon as they gain any serious momentum. FC Cincinnati finally won a game after going without a goal for five games. Philadelphia and D.C. United are battling for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, and the league as a whole is seeing lots of excitement this year. What’s coming up next?
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The Unlikeliest of X-Factors

Josh Elias | May 14th, 2019

The series between Portland and Denver that just wrapped up should easily be remembered as one of the closest, most well-fought series in recent memory. Two moments seem very likely to really stand the test of time and be pointed to as defining stages of the battle between the two Northwest Division pseudo-rivals. Continue reading

MLS Week 11 Must-Watch Games

Josh Elias | May 11th, 2019

After last week saw the Houston Dynamo catapult themselves to the top of the league on points per game with a big win over their in-state rivals, FC Dallas, and the LA Galaxy lost two straight to put an end to their great start to the season, this is the action you’ll want to keep an eye on this weekend. Continue reading

Consummate Chokers: How Record-Breaking Teams Keep Falling Apart in the Playoffs

Josh Elias | May 11th, 2019

As a guy who watches hockey maybe twice a year at most, I just found out that the Tampa Bay Lightning are a thing. In fact, recently, they’ve been quite a successful thing it seems.

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