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I have yet to see it all, but I have seen a lot in my 39 years. I believe every step we take leads us to the next level, a higher level, perhaps even a harder level in our lives. It's how we deal with the wins, losses and challenges that shape who we become. That was pretty deep, huh? Some of the postings you're likely to read will fall under that level of thought. Others will be nothing less than a look at what's happening in my world, and the world around us.

Green Bay Packers: 2018 Season Preview

Robby Messer | August 30th, 2018

Opening day is approaching in the NFL and every team can look at it with the same amount of optimism.  For teams in the NFC North, that optimism needs to be taken with the same amount of concern as many of them hope the young players mature quickly and the injury bug doesn’t sink their season. Such are the hopes for the Green Bay Packers.

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Chicago Bears: 2018 Season Preview

Robby Messer | August 29th, 2018

As opening day gets ever closer, we want to continue to look at what can be expected by teams for the upcoming season. The NFC North has plenty of potential to be a tough division, but there are many question marks, namely with the health and development of young players and players returning from injury. The Chicago Bears are hoping everything clicks for them in 2018, so they can, at least, put up a good fight.

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Detroit Lions: 2018 Season Preview

Robby Messer | August 26th, 2018

With the preseason well underway and the opening kickoff not far away, we continue to take a look at teams in the NFC, which is always competitive. But after a bizarre 2017 (see Case Keenum leading the Vikings almost to the Super Bowl), teams may return to playing more according to their mean, which might not be good news for the team in today’s column, the Detroit Lions.

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Minnesota Vikings: 2018 Season Preview

Robby Messer | August 22nd, 2018

As the preseason gets started, it’s time to take a look at how teams might fare heading into the season. There will always be surprises that will make all prognosticators look foolish, but, let’s face it, that’s half the fun! That being said, let’s start taking a look at the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. A division which has the chance every year to produce a top team with Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers, but as we learned last season, it was a different Case entirely.

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Change in Fortune for Harper, Machado

Robby Messer | August 17th, 2018

What a difference an All-Star Break makes, especially if you’re free-agent-to-be Bryce Harper. His performance in the first half of the season was costing him millions of dollars on the free agent market, as his average hovered near the Mendoza line.
On the other hand, fellow soon-to-be free agent Manny Machado seemingly shrugged off daily trade rumors and put together a first half that likely made him the front-runner for MLB’s first $400 million contract. But what a difference an All-Star Break makes.

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The Hall of Fame’s Identity Crisis

Robby Messer | July 29th, 2018

As the Hall of Fame gets ready to welcome its newest members, let’s not question if those players are worthy, but if the Hall of Fame is truly that. The Hall is going through an identity crisis. But more on that in a moment. This weekend will be about new inductees Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, Vlad Guerrero, Jim Thome, Chipper Jones, and Trevor Hoffman, all of whom deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, not just because of their accomplishments, but for the way they played and respected the game.

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