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Atlanta Falcons: 2018 Season Preview

Hunter Neel | August 20th, 2018

Last year there was only one NFC team that was in the playoffs who also were in the 2016 playoffs. That team you ask? Why it was the Atlanta Falcons. This points to how random the league is and how tough it is to be consistent in the NFC. Can the Falcons make it three years in a row?

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Intriguing Training Camp Story Lines to Watch Out For

Hunter Neel | July 21st, 2018

As we stumble through the dog days of the NFL offseason, we are reading constant team predictions and rumors about players and teams as we hold on patiently for football season to return. While it might seem like forever until the Atlanta Falcons play the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on September 6th, football is actually right around the corner. As early as next week most NFL teams will be at training camp. In fact, some teams such as the Ravens, who started July 18th, are already at camp. Heading into training camp there are many storylines you should follow. From what player is going to beat out another for the starting job to how are the rookies looking. Here are some of the top storylines entering training camp.

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Who’s on the Hot Seat This Year?

Hunter Neel | July 12th, 2018

Every year there are coaches and general managers who are on a “hot seat” so to say. This means that due to their recent lack of success they need their draft picks or team to produce in order to save their job.

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