Corrigan’s Gambling Corner: Week Two

Hello and welcome back. Overall, I had a pretty good week. I am up 2.5 units since sports started back up and now that all sports are back, that number is only going to go up. A quick announcement, I have officially retired from parlays. I always lose the last game that I need and I am getting pretty fed up about it.

2020 record: 1-2

My Picks:

Mon: Indians +1.5 vs Reds

The Indians are coming off a pretty embarrassing series against the Twins. After taking the first game 2-0, they lost the next three, only scoring two runs in that span. But they will be taking on the Reds for the next four and I think these are two closely matched teams. Both have potential offensively, and both teams are anchored by their rotation. I like the Indians to bounce back in this series and giving the Indians +1.5 is a good way to start.

Mon: Yankees -1.5 vs Phillies

I mean, Aaron Judge might just beat the Phillies by himself at this point. The Yankees are a machine right now. I fear for any Phillies pitcher that has the confidence to run out to the mound and throw a baseball at this lineup.

Mon: Blackhawks +1.5 vs Oilers

I don’t know if you have heard, but the Blackhawks are sooooooooo back and I am not just saying that because I am a big Blackhawks fan. The Stanley Cup playoffs have not been the same since the Blackhawks have been absent. But I am totally being serious when I say that this team has some dark horse potential. Not sure if they will win this one, but I like them to cover.

Mon: Lakers vs Jazz  O +219

The Lakers have been off to a slow start offensively. After their embarrassing performance against the Raptors, I think that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will have to pick it up offensively. Its simple math ladies and gentleman, if your two best players start scoring more, that means more points, more points equals a better chance at hitting the over.

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