Cousins: Jimmy Butler is the league’s best trash-talker

Jimmy Butler: The league's best trash-talker

Trash talk is common in just about any sport, especially basketball. Some players trash talk because they’re competitive. Some do it because they know they can get into other player’s heads. The best trash talkers are usually star players because they can back it up. Historically, players like Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant were known for being good trash talkers.

Former NBA all-star Demarcus Cousins was recently asked by Gary Owens to name the biggest trash talker in the NBA today. Cousins chose Miami Heat all-star forward Jimmy Butler. Here’s what Cousins said on the Gary Owen’s ‘Get Some’ podcast:

 “I would probably say, Jimmy Butler. I’m a big trash talker. I know J-Wall’s a big trash talker… Jimmy is a trash talker for sure…,” Cousins said.

Butler has had a huge impact on the Heat’s surprising season. The team’s leading scorer has led the team to the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference. Butler is averaging 20.2 points on 45.4% shooting from the field. He is also averaging career-highs in assists(6.1) and rebounds(6.6) this season.

While Butler has been known for his fierce competitiveness, his previous teams haven’t been fond of his personality. For example, the infamous Minnesota Timberwolves practice a few years ago. However, Jimmy’s personality fits well with the Heat. Heat culture embraces players being overly competitive. So far, it’s worked for both Butler and the Heat.

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