Clippers Awaiting the Arrival of Key Contributors

Clippers Awaiting the Arrival of Key Contributors Ivica Zubac

The Los Angeles Clippers have been able to get on the court in Orlando for team practices. Tasked with a quick turn around before the games start mattering, every minute of practice is valuable. Not only to get back into the flow of things but also to get their conditioning where it needs to be.

Unfortunately for the Clippers, they’re not yet at full strength. Rivers had the following to say when asked about the presence of Ivica Zubac, Marcus Morris, and Landry Shamet:

His wording left the door open that any or all of them could be in Orlando, but at the very least they’re still in quarantine. That would be a little better because it would mean they could get on the court sooner rather than later. Given the lack of information, it’s more likely that they’re going to be arriving in Orlando in the next few days.

Ivica Zubac

Reports have suggested that Zubac has an excused absence right now. It appears as if he will be joining them in the near future.

That’s crucial for the Clippers to make the most out of the upcoming playoff run. The former Laker might be the Clippers’ most underrated player in terms of value brought. He has a soft touch inside, which allows him to finish around the rim consistently.

More importantly, though, is his defensive impact. He’s a very good rim protector that can do the job without fouling. Montrezl Harrell, who gets most of the minutes at the five when Zubac isn’t in, isn’t the same kind of meet you at the rim defender.

All sign point to this eventually being a non-issue, but keep your eye out for further news.

Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris has struggled since joining the Clippers in terms of his efficiency. In 12 games, he shot just 38.6% from the field and 28.3% from the 3PT line. That didn’t prevent him from making an impact, though. He was second on the team behind Lou Williams in +/- throughout the 12 games he spent with the team.

Morris Sr. is a lethal shooter, which he proved all season on the Knicks. The threat of him on the perimeter allows increased spacing for Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Williams to operate. He is a positive for the team regardless of if his shot is falling on any given night.

There isn’t the same level of confidence in him returning as there is with Zubac. Still, there’s been nothing to suggest he won’t be joining the Clippers in Orlando at some point.

Landry Shamet

Shamet rounds out the trio of Clippers not yet with the team in Orlando. The sharpshooting guard is an asset for Doc Rivers to ensure quality floor spacing. Additionally, he can heat up quickly.

Shamet is smooth with catch and shoot opportunities, which makes him a natural fit playing off of Kawhi Leonard.

Of the three players listed, Shamet is the most replaceable one. That’s not a knock on him, but instead a complement of their depth. All things considered, L.A. will be in a much better spot if/when the three of them arrive in Orlando.

As one of the favorites to win the championship, the Clippers will be glad to work these guys back into things whenever they join the team.

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