What the Conor McGregor Retirement Means for UFC

What does the Conor McGregor retirement mean for the UFC

Retirement from the UFC is nothing new for fans of McGregor as there have been three retirements in the last four years. But with many seeing this as an empty threat, fans are unsure as to whether this shocking retirement will be the last. In this article, we will be looking into what the retirement of this UFC star could mean for the future of the sport.

The Career Of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has been seen by the world as one of the best fighters in the UFC in the modern age and has bought a brand new audience to the sport that may not have been interested before. With the reputation of the notorious Conor McGregor both in the octagon and outside of it skyrocketing, many would associate the surge in popularity to the captivating nature of McGregor and what he bought to the sport.

With a career of countless memorable moments and victory after victory, at one time or another, the ultimate showman has been in the headlines. But with the most recent loss again to Floyd Mayweather in January where he tried to fight in the boxing ring, the notorious McGregor has somewhat taken a step back in the last few years. Despite him taking a step back from the limelight in terms of the fighting in the octagon, he has been rather outspoken in the media. With many comments on the Mayweather fights and other ongoing issues in the UFC, he has continued to be outspoken.

The Highs And Lows Of His Career

While many see him as the greatest fighter in the world, the overall career of McGregor is somewhat of a complex one. With many highs seeing him thrust into the limelight, there are several news stores and controversies that have seen him have his fair share of negative headlines. With several post-fight brawls, public meltdowns, and childish antics, he has had a very up and down career in the media.

However, some believe that this was used to leverage his power in the UFC as they rely on him to bring money into the sport. With ticket prices reaching record heights with a matchup against McGregor, both he and the UFC benefit. This has led to a turbulent relationship between the superstar and the sport.

The Third Retirement In Four Years

This turbulent relationship and ongoing controversy have come from the star at this point and has seen him begin to venture down other avenues. By trying his hand at boxing as well as producing a whiskey brand, McGregor has expanded his brand. This is an amazing opportunity for him. He has spent less time in the octagon and more time on the business.

These changes along with a number of controversies have in turn led to a total of three retirements in the last four years from fighting. McGregor has come back several times since then for title championships and even to try his hand at boxing. However, with the most recent announcement of his retirement on Twitter, many of his fans are wondering how long this will last at this time.

The Rising Stars Of The UFC

With this retirement, however, comes the future of the sport and the competitors that are rising up through the ranks. With stars such as Darren Till, Doo Ho Choi and other competitors all proving that they are the best fighters out there in 2020. But with the stepping down of several star players such as McGregor, they are allowing for the new players to work up the ranks and become the best out there and show their talent in the octagon.

Whether you are a fan of the UFC or you have been watching the rise of McGregor, there is no denying that the UFC and the future of McGregor remains uncertain. But how will this continue? Only time will tell.

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