Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Pitching

Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team: Shane Bieber

Daniel Corrigan | May 21st, 2020

Welcome back to the last installment of the Team USA Dream Team roster draft. We have covered the infield and outfield and all that remains is the pitching staff. Once again, this is a combination of the best players and those that have some personality.

Check out my infield and outfield for a Team USA Olympic Baseball Dream Team.


Jacob deGrom, Shane Bieber, Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer

We are running with a four-man rotation here. I left off Gerrit Cole for a couple of reasons. One, I think he is weird. Two, he has zero personality. Three, it’s my list. And Four, he is a giant weirdo.

Anyway, I invited Bieber because he is both young and fun. Bieber was the all-star MVP last season and took a giant leap to become the Indians Ace.

DeGrom is probably the best pitcher in New York (yeah, I know, Sue me.) so he is getting the nod as the team’s ace. I will be pairing him up with Mets’ teammate and one of the biggest reasons Team USA was WBC champions in 2017. Stroman has that swag and the game to back it up. Just watching him strut off the mound after throwing a gem in the championship game in the WBC locked up a spot for him in this rotation.

And Finally, we have Bauer. I know he had a down year last season, but his personality makes up for all of that. Bauer would be awesome to watch on the national stage.


Aaron Bummer, Chad Green, Josh Hader, Michael LorenzenRyan Pressly, Taylor RogersWill Smith, Kirby Yates, Brad Hand

The bullpen is the hardest part to figure out. The only two that were locks for me were Hand and Lorenzen. Other than that, it took a long time to research who will be on this list. So, here it is.

Oh, by the way, the only acceptable manager for this team would be Jim Leyland. He has been the coach for Team USA for years. I thought I would just stick that in real quick.

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