Michael Jordan’s Trainer says DWade had Similar Work Ethic to Jordan and Kobe

Jordan's trainer compares Wade to Kobe and Jordan

Jacari McRae | May 14th, 2020

Michael Jordan’s longtime trainer Tim Grover created a theory that there are three categories of work ethics that people fall into. Those three categories are as follows: closerscoolers, and cleaners. He recently spoke on the Pardon My Take podcast about each of the three categories.

“Cleaners get that end result over and over again,” Grover said on the podcast. “So they figure stuff out no matter what’s thrown at ‘em and they get that end result numerous times, over and over and over again. A part of a cleaner’s mentality is to constantly never be satisfied when something is done they move onto what’s next.

Grover included Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade in the cleaner category along with Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

“The two biggest [cleaners] I’ve had are Michael and Kobe. I would put Dwyane Wade in that category, too.”

Tim Grover Explains

Grover went on to explain the other two categories. A cooler, as described by Grover, is someone who does the bare minimum. Someone who doesn’t reach their full potential because they lack the drive to push further. And a closer is someone who can achieve the desired end result as long as there’s little to no obstacles.

I can see why Grover included Wade in the cleaner category. After winning his first NBA championship, Wade missed over 62 games due to nagging knee and shoulder injuries. Because of those injuries, critics began to write him off. But hiring Grover following his 2007 knee surgery might’ve saved his career. After training with Grover, Wade regained his superstar form and ended up winning two more NBA titles alongside Chris Bosh and LeBron James.
Getting put in the same class as Kobe and Michael is no small accomplishment. Grover has worked with some of the best athletes in the world. The trainer saw all the hard work Wade put in behind the scenes to play at a high level. To receive such high praise from a legendary trainer speaks volumes on the kind of player Wade was.

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