Interview With Baltimore Orioles Prospect Malachi Emond

Baltimore Orioles Malachi Emond

Adrian Andrew | May 5th, 2020

Recently I had the privilege to interview Orioles prospect, Malachi Emond. Emond was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB Draft in 2019, and in his minor league debut season with the Aberdeen IronBirds (Short-season Class A) Emond posted a solid 2.66 ERA, over 20.1 innings pitched, with one save. It seems that the Orioles organization is grooming him as a closer or possibly a set-up man.

As you read through the questions and answers you get to see the incredible story of development and drive Emond has displayed over the course of his career up til now. It’s quite clear he has a great work ethic and drive to get better and it was truly fun to conduct this interview with him. As an Orioles fan I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the promising reliever.

Adrian: “Who inspired you to play baseball?”

Malachi: “My father, Michael Emond, has always been my inspiration to my career. He taught me how to work hard and to focus on what’s ahead.”

Adrian: “What has been the biggest hardship you have faced in any of your years playing baseball and what was that like?”

Malachi: “The fact that no one believed me throughout most of my life.
Growing up, I wasn’t very good at baseball. I was a late bloomer, so coming out
of high school I only had 1 D3 offer. I had to take time and reflect if I really
wanted to keep playing seriously. I had many talks with my father and my coach
and they truly believed in me. So, I decided to take it upon myself that I was
going to give it my all. Grind my way to where I want to be. So I climbed the
ladder from D3 to a D2 Juco to a D1 four-year school to being drafted.”

Adrian: “When did you realize you wanted to play professional baseball?”

Malachi: “From the first days I heard stories about my father when he played
to playing catch with him. It was a way that I could connect with him and make
him proud.”

Adrian: “Have you always wanted to be a pitcher? Or did your positional aspirations
change as you got older?”

Malachi: “I’ve always wanted to be a pitcher.”

Adrian: “What MLB pitcher have you looked up to or idolized the most and why?”

Malachi: Mariano Rivera, he is the best reliever to ever play the game. The way he went about his work, the way that he was respected around the world,
that’s the way I want others to look at me one day.”

Adrian: “Tell the story of your favorite moment or memory in all of your years playing baseball.”

Malachi: “It was when I played for University of New Mexico (UNM), my father hasn’t seen me pitch in 2 going on 3 years because I went to school in Oklahoma and New Mexico while he was living in Connecticut. We were playing University of Nevada Reno and I came in the close out the game for a 2 inning save. I struck out 2 batters in the
8th and struck out the side in the 9th, I was so happy that I was able to perform
so well with my father there in person. It was the most fun I have ever had out on the mound.”

Adrian: “Is there anything you wish you could go back and change about your baseball
life? If so what is that?”

Malachi: “Not a thing, my journey made me the way I am.”

Adrian: “How did your high school career go overall? (Were you a standout, did you go
varsity all four years, did you play at all, etc)”

Malachi: “I was a standout in my school, but that doesn’t say much because
my school was so small. I probably wouldn’t have started at a bigger or better
school, I was a below-average baseball player in high school.”

Adrian: “What is your favorite pitch to throw?”

Malachi: “Cut-Fastball”

Adrian: “What was the draft process like for you as a whole? Especially draft day if you
want to touch on that.”

Malachi: “It was very stressful due to me being a senior. My baseball career
was up in the air, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep playing. With the
draft, when you’re in my position, you can get a phone call from everyone but
until your name is called, the stress doesn’t go away. When my name was called
and I got that phone call I had a moment of bliss, utmost joy I have ever felt, but
that feeling flutter away just as quick as it came because I knew that I was going
to have to keep grinding because the second half of my career was just starting.”

Adrian: “What was your debut for the IronBirds like?”

Malachi: “It honestly was easy, I felt so calm and comfortable out there on the
mound. I struck out 4 of the 5 batters I faced and I felt like I belonged. I knew I
was good enough to play with these people no matter where I came from.”

Adrian: “I would say you had a very impressive first year for the IronBirds, how do you
look to build on that going forward?

Malachi: “I just need to focus on taking those lessons I learned from my first
season and keep growing as a pitcher. I need to be better and better every time I
step out on the mound.”

Adrian: “Going off of the last questions are there any specific goals you have for your

Malachi: “It is my ultimate goal to be an every day late reliever/closer and have a long healthy career in the big leagues.”

Adrian: “With the current situation around the world how are you staying in shape, and
how has communication been with your teammates and coaches?”

Malachi: “Yes, I have workouts that the team gave me to do while we are at
home during this. A couple of my buddies and I have a group chat that we
keep in contact through. The team also has zoom calls all the time.”

Adrian: “Who was your favorite baseball team growing up?”
Malachi: “Boston Red Sox”

Adrian: “Now that you’re in Maryland are you a fan of crabs?”
Malachi: “A little”

Adrian: “Finally, is there any things you’d specifically like to say to the readers of The
Scorecrow and or to the fans of the Orioles?”

Malachi: “The only thing that I want people to know when they read about me
and my story is that you can go out and get whatever you want, you just have to
be willing to put your head down and grind.”

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