Jedrick Wills: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jedrick Wills. Offensive Tackle Alabama #74

Mason Thompson | April 23rd, 2020

Jedrick Wills Jr., OT, Alabama, #74

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 320lbs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: LSU(2019), Auburn(2019), Michigan(2019), South Carolina(2019)

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Pass Blocking  10/10 Lets the defenders come to him instead of forcing contact. Great ability to counter pass-rushing moves and seemingly knows when they’re coming. 
Run Blocking 9/10 Great here as well. He gets out of his stance quickly and keeps himself low and is somewhat of a bowling ball after that. 
Athleticism  10/10 He’s really good at getting out in space and attacking on bubble screens. He’ll take some weird angles for blocks that you wouldn’t usually see and can get to the second level effectively. 
Footwork  10/10 No wasted steps to be found in his tape. Really short, choppy steps in the run game and long steps to set the edge in the passing game. 
Strength  7.5/10 At times, he’ll get pushed back of the line by power rushers. He can sometimes get soft and allow the defender to attack when he least expects it. 
Hands  8.5/10 Struggled here early but improved as the year went on. Really good first-contact punch to hold grip as soon as the first punch has been made. Second-level attacks still need work. 
Balance  10/10 Great ability to push rushers to the outside then counter back on the inside. Great ability to recover if he gets a step behind. 
Length  9/10 He’s able to keep his blocks once he makes the first contact. He has a wide blend of blocks he can use from his disposal. 
Football IQ 10/10 More of a technician than a star athlete. He uses different blocking techniques to keep the defender on his toes. 
Competitive Toughness 4/5 He has a mean streak to him. Will continue to block even without a helmet if needed. He’ll let you know if he beat you off the ball as well. Some questions about his effort on some plays where he seems far too relaxed. 
Injury  5/5 Nothing of note here. 
Overall  93/100 Wills is definitely worthy of the hype that he has received this year. He is one of the best technicians in this draft and uses that to his advantage. He played right tackle at Alabama, but could definitely make the switch to left tackle if needed. 

Round Grade: Top Ten Pick

Round Projected: Early First Round

Pro Comparison: Lane Johnson 

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