Thaddeus Moss: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Sam Schneider | April 22nd, 2020 

Thaddeus Moss, TE, LSU, #81

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 249 lbs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: Alabama (2019), Oklahoma (2019), Mississippi (2019), Clemson (championship game, 2020)

Moss has all the makings of an effective (if not extraordinary) NFL tight end. He will need coaching at the next level to reach his potential but in a historically weak class for the position, he should be one of the first off of the board. He displays unreal hands and blocking ability but lacks the physical traits to dominate the field in most situations. Let’s have a look at the potential he brings to the next level as a tight end and where he might go.

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Speed5/10 He is not beating anyone off the ball as a receiver.
Catch9.5/10 Moss has the hands that will attract teams. For a big man, he plays long enough to pull in the catch in any situation. As a receiver, he is always aware of the location of the ball.
Routes8.5/10 College routes were simple, and he stuck to them like glue. No improvisation even when the situation called for it. That actually a plus.
When Contested10/10 He wins the battles, and for a tight end has an excellent ability to adjust to bad throws. He does not need to be hit in the hands, just needs the ball in his catch-radius and he will go and get it. This is the trait that will attract teams at the next level. He could definitely be a “chain-mover” in the NFL.
RAC5/10 Not breaking away from anyone but unlikely to be used as such.
Release7/10 As previously stated, Moss is not going to beat anyone off the line for big plays. However, he has a punch at the line on close coverage that is undeniable; he won’t run past coverage but physically he can easily out-muscle a linebacker or safety with no issue.
Blocking at the LOS9/10 Nasty at the point of attack. Will beat most blitzers and can hold his own against defensive linemen when called upon. Moss’s strength in blocking is unquestionable.
Blocking in the field7.5/10 Can beat anyone in the second level but is a tad sluggish getting to that point.
Toughness10/10 Not unlike his father, Moss often plays with a chip on his shoulder and will take on any assignment.
Overall Athleticism8/10 You can’t teach speed. Aside from that, he is as athletic as you could want in a draft and displayed those skills time and again at LSU. In theory, he is physically gifted enough to play multiple positions on both sides of the ball.

79.5/100 Moss gets the benefit of being a piece of moldable clay; he hasn’t got many bad habits and the upside here is huge. Without advancement in the passing game, however, he will be a middling tight end in the NFL. He’s certainly not the most league-ready at his position but he probably has the highest upside if a coach can tap into it.

Round Grade: Fifth Round

Projected Draft Position: Middle of the fourth

Player Comp: Trey Burton

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