Marquese Livers: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Marquese Livers, WR/TE Kentucky State Thorobreds

Alex Kielar | April 22nd, 2020

Marquese Livers, WR/TE, Kentucky State University #85

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 215 lbs

Eligibility: Junior

Livers is a very unknown dual-threat receiver and tight end from Kentucky State University. From the limited film I had access to, Livers is a possible under-the-radar draft pick for a team in need of a playmaker on offense. Find out why.

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Route Tree 8/10 Livers runs a number of routes lining up as a slot receiver and a tight end. He makes great cuts to get open and can adjust to the football.
Hands 8/10 Not only shows great hands by going up to catch the football, but he keeps his hands up when blocking as a tight end.
Versatility  9/10 As you can see from what I have said about him already, he is very versatile, lining up as a receiver and a tight end. He is a physical player and has solid speed to make things happen.
Contested Catch 8.5/10 Incredible ability to make adjustments to the ball and can make catches with a defender(s) right in his face. High points the ball in tight coverage and his big frame is used to his advantage.
RAC 9/10 Very shifty and elusive, he can weave past defenders and break tackles. For his size, he has good quickness and can barrel over hopeful tacklers.
Athleticism 8/10 He is physical and quick for his size. He can run through a brick wall if he had to and still make a catch.
Competitive Toughness 9/10 He leaves it all on the field. He will risk everything to lay big blocks to clear a path for the running back or receiver.
Fluidity 7/10 Not as quick and fluid as most receivers, however, he has some quickness. He won’t burst down the field, but he has good enough quickness to make plays.
Blocking 8/10 As I mentioned, he has his hands up high when he blocks and will be very physical to clear a space for the runner. He is great at holding and pulling a block while running down the field.
Football IQ 9/10 He is a very smart player and knows when to cut, where to block, and he knows how to read the defense and react to their alignment
Overall 83.5/100 With a draft that is so stacked in receivers this year, players like Livers will be hurt by this. Not many scouts have taken notice to him, but Livers is a very versatile and physical player who can give any team a solid playmaker. He has something left to prove and whatever team gets him will get a motivated, smart, and talented player.

Round Grade: Third Round

Projected Draft Position: Fifth Round-Undrafted

Pro Comparison: Dwayne Allen

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