Derrick Brown: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Alex Kielar| April 21st, 2020

Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn #5

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 318 lbs

Class: Senior

Games I’ve watched: vs LSU (2019), vs Alabama (2019), vs Oregon (2019), vs Florida (2019)

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Tackling 10/10 Don’t run at him or you’ll be dead in the water. He attacks with ferocity and uses his wide wingspan to clamp down on a runner while still engaged with a blocker. 
Speed/Athleticism 9/10 For a guy for his size, he is incredibly quick and can work the field with outside range. Works with urgency into the neutral zone to get towards the ball carrier. 
Strength 10/10 Brown rarely gets overpowered on any play. There are several instances in film that he was being double-teamed, but that didn’t stop him from powering through. His bull rush is off the charts and will completely kill the pocket. 
Motor 8.5/10 He is constantly pursuing at the LOS and delivers big hits from the backside on quarterback runs and screens. Creates one-on-ones for his teammates to attack the quarterback by keeping two defenders occupied. Will run out of steam late in games causing him to get beat in the run game and sit back on blocks. He can afford to lose some gut which will add more stamina to his game. 
Point Of Attack 8.5/10 Brown holds very strong upper-body strength but doesn’t always engage in the right spot on a blocker off the point of attack. He can hold his hands too high at times but he recovers quickly. 
Explosiveness 9.5/10 With his quickness, he has spring-loaded explosiveness out of his stance and anticipates the snap by keying on the center’s movements. He can fire through the shute and immediately push back the line of scrimmage to get leverage. He shows the flexibility and bend to clear his hips and get sacks and hits on the quarterback. 
Hand Technique 9.5/10 Great technique and placement, lands strong blows to offset pushback. Strong ability to press and extend his arms and will toss or discard blockers to get to the desired gap. 
Pass-Rush 10/10 Very well-developed and has strong power, being able to urgently push through and get to the quarterback. He almost always gets pressure even if he doesn’t get a hit on the passer. Keeps fighting through and gets a hand up on the pass while still staving off blockers. 
Run-Stopping 10/10 Physically dominant run-stuffer who constantly pushes back LOS and fights for gaps. Handles double-teams very well, as I said, without getting moved back. Does everything he can to make matters as worse as he can for the offense. 
Block-Shedding 9.5/10 Uproots opponents with length and strength. Letting him get extended will put the blocker in big trouble as he will have all the control to create gaps as a two-gapper. 
Overall 94.5/100 Brown is a top ten candidate for any team in need of a top-level defensive lineman (someone like the Panthers). Brown has the perfect blend size, explosiveness, and power to make him a huge problem for the opposition on the interior. He will be an instant contributor in year one and should be moved around with his ability to be a one-gap or two-gap from multiple spots. 

Round Grade: Early First

Projected Draft Position: Top 10

Pro Comparison: Aaron Donald

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