Eno Benjamin 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Eno Benjamin, Arizona State RB

Connor Neal | April 20th, 2020

Eno Benjamin, RB, Arizona State #3

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 195 pounds

Year: Junior 

I watched: vs Oregon (2019), Michigan State (2019), and Arizona (2019) 

Benjamin is a power back who has a very good change of direction ability for a thicker back. In my opinion, Benjamin can develop into a three-down starter in the NFL. I believe his receiving ability is a bit underrated too. What truly makes Benjamin special in my eyes is that he isn’t just a straight line bruising back. He is a power back who is actually quite elusive and can create plays through receptions too.

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As you can see below, my grading scale is out of 100 and is graded based on 10 skills: speed, vision/patience, breaking tackles, burst/acceleration, change of direction/quickness, contact balance, receiving, strength, short yardage, and blocking.



Benjamin doesn’t have breakaway speed as you may want in your runningback. However, he isn’t slow either. I would say he is pretty average with speed.


Benjamin has a pretty good vision. He doesn’t run into the back of his blockers. He waits for holes to open or creates room for himself.
Breaking Tackles 


Benjamin can run over people pretty easily and not be phased. He doesn’t fear contact and invites it. 


Once Benjamin sees an opening for him to run through, he has a pretty good burst to get him through the line. He is better at short speed than he is at long speed.


Benjamin’s hips are surprisingly loose and fluid. He can cut on a dime which is very impressive for a thicker back who is more known for his power.
Contact Balance 


After Benjamin runs over his defenders, he can keep going. He doesn’t stumble when hit. It’s like sometimes he doesn’t even realize he got hit. 


For a power back, Benjamin can catch very well. He isn’t a one dimensional back. He’s also pretty good at creating after the catch too.


Benjamin is a pretty strong and powerful back. He can shrug people off with ease and without trying hard.
Short Yardage 


Benjamin is very good in short-yardage situations. This is because of his ability to break tackles, his good contact balance, and his strength. He will pick up the yards you need when you need him to.


Benjamin is very good at pass blocking. He will protect the quarterback when asked. He’s good at chipping and can pick up multiple blocks in the same play.

Total: 81/100

Final Grade: 81

Round Grade: 3rd Round

Projected Round: Round 4-5

Positional Rank: RB5

Benjamin is surprisingly ranked above Cam Akers for me, that is by far my most controversial draft take. I believe he has a serious chance of being a good starter in the NFL or at the very least a part of a committee.

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