C.J. Henderson: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Alex Kielar | April 19th, 2020

C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida, #1

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 202 lbs

Eligibility: Juinor

Games Watched: vs Florida State (2019), Missouri (2019), LSU (2019), Georgia (2019), South Carolina (2019)

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Fluidity 10/10 He is very fluid and never seems to miss a step. Tough guy to break off of routes with his hip action and balance. Even if he does get broken off, he uses his speed and control to get back in tight on his man.
Man Coverage Ability 9.5/10 Very rarely ever gets beat and plays very well in the trail. He initiates enough contact to challenge the receiver’s concentration without getting called for penalties. Uses his tremendous quickness to mirror over the top and turn and go.
Zone Coverage Ability 7.5/10 Can tend to let his eyes escape into the backfield which allows receivers to get loose and make easy catches. But he has made some great plays when peeling off his initial responsibility to help out his safeties while using his aggressiveness. He doesn’t play with great spacing either though.
Tackling 6.5/10 There are some positives here, but he is nowhere near a good tackler. He will make some plays in short space when there isn’t a clear path. Never wants to fight through blocks to get to the ball carrier. If he can add some more strength and confidence, he should improve here.
Ball Skills 9/10 Very solid at tracking the ball and reading it right off the bat. He even finds the ball when he turns around late. Strong attack ability and finds a way to get his hand(s) in there to swat the ball away. Using his quick instincts to come up with some turnovers during a tip drill.
Run Support  7/10 Like I mentioned with his tackling ability/non-ability, he is not very keen on helping in the run game. He does slide up while in zone and can disrupt some plays. A lot of room for improvement and with a big wingspan he can reach to get a hand on a runner.
Competitive Toughness 7.5/10 Like I said he is hit or miss with tackling and getting through blocks. Shows solid strength when squeezing throw windows and is willing to attack after big plays.
Awareness 9/10 Knows where to play and what space to give when playing man-to-man. Reads the quarterback well and can attack RPO and screen plays. Almost always in the right spot. He doesn’t have the same skills playing in zone, has to be on one man to win the down.
Durability 9/10 Missed three games in 2019. Needs to add some bulk to be more durable in the NFL.
Versatility 7/10 With his unproven ability to play zone and only really being able to play one-on-one, he doesn’t offer much here. Will play mostly outside at the next level.
Overview 83/100 Henderson has the makings of a potential shutdown corner in the NFL if he can improve in zone coverage. He was not much of tackler and wasn’t usually willing to fight through blocks, but he can make some great hits. He is nearly unstoppable in man-to-man and will do whatever it takes to throw a receiver off and will always get a hand up. Even if he is beat, his speed and acceleration will help him to catch up to make a stop. He should be an every-down cornerback in year one, depending on who drafts him.

Round Grade: Late First

Projected Draft Position: Mid First

Pro Comparison: Marlon Humphrey

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