K’Lavon Chaisson: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Alex Kielar | April 18th, 2020

K’Lavon ChaissonEDGE/LB, LSU #18

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 249 lbs

Eligibility: redshirt Sophomore

Games Watched: vs Alabama (2019), vs Auburn (2019), vs Florida (2019), vs Oklahoma (2019), vs Texas (2019), vs Miami (2018)

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Tackling  10/10 Explosive finisher and closing burst. Goes after the football any chance that he gets. Uses his length to wrap up ball carriers and make plays not many guys can make.
Hand Technique 9/10 Shows great hand positioning while setting the edge against the run. He uses his finesse and speed to get off blockers while pushing through blockers. He can use some improvement to be an even better rusher.
Block Shedding  9/10 Excellent at staving off blockers with his speed and is aggressive getting to the ball carrier. He plays with crazy relentlessness and rarely lets his size fool anyone.
Run Stopping 9.5/10 He has excellent awareness and keeps the leverage on the edge. Maintains his balance off of contact and keeps pressure on any blocker. Never stops grinding on a play even if he doesn’t make a play.
Rush Ability  9/10 Dynamic rusher who plays with tremendous effort and agility. Still very raw as a rusher and doesn’t always finish. His potential is scary good, however, and he still puts pressure and hits on the quarterback. Not getting many sacks does not mean he’s not a good rusher.
Mobility 9.5/10 Like I mentioned, he never gives up on a play and is constantly moving. He plays with tremendous fluidity and bursts through the gap with great inside moves.
Football IQ 10/10 He has only played less than 30 games, but he showed a lot in 2019. He improved a great deal with his hand techniques and has a great ability to read a play. He can move around using his versatility and doesn’t miss a beat.
Strength 8.5/10 He can use some improvement here as he uses his speed and finesses most of the time to get through blocks. But his strong ability to battle he already dynamic and he can turn his speed into power.
Motor 10/10 Insane! He never seems to slow down and is consistently doing whatever it takes to make plays.
Competitive Toughness 10/10 Incredible. He has tremendous second effort and is uber-competitive, he works hard to get back into plays on the backside.
Overall  94.5/100 I graded Chaisson as a “hybrid” linebacker/defensive end, as he can do things that linebackers and defensive ends do. He has all the tools and versatility to play either position in the NFL. He will still need to improve his hand techniques to be a true edge rusher in the NFL, but he is a dynamic player with the ability to give a team help with stopping the pass and run. He doesn’t mess around and is constantly moving to get towards the ball. He never lets the size of a lineman compared to his own scare him.

Round Grade: 1st Round

Projection: Mid-to-late First Round

Pro Comparison: Khalil Mack


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