Jordan Love: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | April 13th, 2020

Jordan Love, QB, Utah State, #10

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 225 LBs

Eligibility: Redshirt Junior

Games Watched: Colorado State (2019), LSU (2019), BYU (2019), Nevada (2019), Wake Forest (2019)

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Arm Strength 10/10 He throws darts. Easily the best arm talent in the draft which is something that can’t be taught.
Arm Accuracy  8/10 Great placement everywhere on the field. His deeps balls are very impressive and if he had better receivers, he would have been able to maximize his ability more. Too many drops make him look worse. Lacks consistency at times. He tends to airmail short passes because of his strong arm.
Decision Making 5/10 Makes some questionable throws because he locks onto one receiver. He has to be more than a one read guy at the next level or else he’ll be the next Jameis Winston.
Progressions 7.5/10 Does a good job looking defenders away, but as I said, at times he locks onto his first read and the defenders can pick up where he’s throwing the ball. He plays like I do in Madden; not seeing the linebacker in the middle of the field, throwing the ball right at him, and being surprised when it gets picked off.
Mechanics 7.5/10 His throwing motion is all-arm sometimes, but when he properly utilizes his entire body, he makes beautiful throws.
Footwork 8/10 Does a good job resetting his feet, but at times, his legs are sedentary when he’s making a throw. For a quarterback, he’s very light on his feet and makes some good moves to avoid pressure.
Poise 9/10 Works well on run-pass option plays and is fantastic at extending the play. Good at fitting passes in tight windows. 
Awareness 8.5/10 For the most part, he escapes the collapsing pocket well. He doesn’t really get himself into trouble and when he does, he can use his legs to escape defenders. 
Timing 8.5/10 Times most of his throws beautifully down the field. He tends to overthrow receivers on the deep ball at times, but he just needs to put a little less touch on the ball. He has a good combination of accuracy and his absolute rocket of an arm which makes him a very developable prospect.
Mobility 9/10 He isn’t worried to take a hit (which may be concerning to some) and is a tough runner. He has good speed to bend around defenders and makes decent cuts for a man of his size.
Overall 81/100 Despite not grading out as a first-round prospect, I think Love definitely has first-round potential and would gladly take him with my pick if I needed a quarterback. A lot of what he struggles with can be fixed and the things that he’s good at can’t be taught. He’s a quarterbacks coach’s dream to develop and I can’t wait to see his success at the next level.

Round Grade: Early Second

Projected Draft Position: Mid First

Pro Comparison: Josh Allen

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