Chase Young: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | April 9th, 2020

Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State, #2

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 265 LBs

Eligibility: Junior

Games Watched: FAU (2019), Michigan State (2018 & 2019), Wisconsin (2019 x2), Michigan (2019), Nebraska (2019), Miami of Ohio (2019), Penn State (2019), Cincinnati (2019), Clemson (2019)

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Lateral Mobility 9.5/10 Really good in space and can keep up with the ballcarrier even when he gets to the outside. Great combo of size and strength.
Explosiveness 10/10 Fantastic first step that is often enough to break right through the line. He does a great job finding his way through the gaps and staying with the play.
Run Defending 9.5/10 So good here. He always finds his way through the line and doesn’t overcommit to the ballcarrier or bite on option plays often. 
Tackling 9.5/10 Rarely misses tackles due to his high tackle radius. His wingspan is incredible allowing him to violently bring players to the ground.
Bend 9.5/10 If you are an offensive lineman blocking Young one-on-one, good luck. He is so agile and he slips the lineman so often. He got double-teamed a lot last year and still was able to get through it (most of the time). People judge him for not racking up sacks against Michigan, Wisconsin (conference championship), and Clemson, but he still constantly created pressure.
Hand Placement 10/10 Near perfect. His hands are better than both of the Bosa brothers coming out. He creates so much power and extends very well.
Block Shedding 10/10 He just has so many moves that he can use that it’s near impossible for linemen to stop him. He’s a great speed rusher, but his bull-rush and spin move are equally as effective. 
Competitive Toughness 9.5/10 His play strength is incredible and he has a non-stop motor. It’s safe to say that Young can do it all.
Football IQ 9.5/10 He’s a smart, fundamental football player. He’s the complete package because he can line up any way that is asked of him.
Point of Attack 10/10 He just seems to knows what to do before the ball is snapped. He almost always makes the right move and attacks the right spot on the line.
Overall 97/100 Young is the best player in this class without a doubt. He does everything well and he has no true weakness. I wouldn’t want him to drop back into coverage solely because I want him rushing the passer. And before people start asking how it’s realistic to get all 9.5’s or 10’s: the ratings are compared to everyone else in this class and ability in college. Don’t compare these ratings to what I would rate an NFL player because it’s a totally different scale. Young is the total package and should be a perennial Pro-Bowler.
Round Grade: Top 5Projected Draft Position: Top 5Pro Comparison: Khalil Mack

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