Curtis Weaver: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico  | April 8th, 2020  

Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State #99

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 265 LBs

Eligibility: Redshirt Junior

Games Watched: UNLV (2019), Washington (2019), Florida State (2019), Hawaii (2019)

Everyone seems to have differing opinions on Weaver. Today, I share mine with everyone.

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Lateral Mobility5/10 Just not a very fast player. He works well on the inside but when he has to change direction, he has little chance to make an impact on the play.
Explosiveness6.5/10 Flashes of brilliance here, but that’s all I saw. Lacked inconsistency with bull-rush techniques and isn’t going to fare well against strong offensive tackles such as Jared Hilbers and Trey Adams of Washington. He was a non-factor in that game because he didn’t provide enough initial explosion to catch the tackles off guard.
Run Defending6.5/10 From what I saw, Weaver tends to struggle here because he is too slow to get to the running back before the ballcarrier is past him. As I said earlier, if he has to change direction, he won’t be involved in the play. This is why I’d like to see Weaver as a penetration defender, not an edge rusher because I think we would see him make more impact as a rush defensive tackle.
Tackling7/10 His technique is solid but his tackle radius is small due to his somewhat small wingspan. If he’s in a one-on-one situation with the ballcarrier, a simple juke will render him useless in the play. 
Bend6/10 Knowing his playstyle ahead of time, I didn’t expect to see a tremendous bend from him and I was right. He’s better off attacking on the inside than trying to work his way around the tackle on the outside because by the time he does, the quarterback has already gotten rid of the ball.
Hand Placement8/10 Weaver’s hand technique has improved tremendously since 2018. His hands are always moving and he has great initial extension.
Block Shedding6/10 Many say that his best tape was against UNLV and I would agree, but he still didn’t dominate in that game. He had three sacks, one of which, the quarterback was already near the ground because of a hit by another Bronco, and he just finished the job. On another, he made a good move but the quarterback stayed on his feet until the whistle was finally blown, calling the play dead. On his third sack, the quarterback basically gave himself up to Weaver. He likes to attempt a spin move which failed to do much against Washington or Florida State. His bull-rush is inconsistent and he struggles to get off the blockers with counter moves.
Competitive Toughness8.5/10 For his size, he has a great motor and always tries to keep himself involved in the play even if it’s in vain. He’s a tough player and refuses to give up.
Football IQ8/10 Very smart player who has aligned in different packages, making him more versatile. He does a good job trying to find holes in the offensive line and attack, even if he doesn’t always get through.
Point of Attack7/10 Usually finds a good place to attack, but ultimately struggles to take advantage of opportunities. 
Overall67.5/100 Weaver is a player that requires a lot of development at the next level to be successful against NFL offensive linemen. He’ll probably find himself as a 3-4 pass-rushing outside linebacker, although I wouldn’t want to see him drop into zone coverage at all. He doesn’t have a great stand-up ability and lacks the speed to make too many plays outside the box. If he can find a way to make his initial explosion more impactful or his pass counter moves more effective, he may find himself starting in a year or two.
Round Grade: Late Fourth RoundProjected Draft Position: Round 2-3

Pro Comparison: Melvin Ingram

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