Buck-Guys Talk Podcast: Movin’ Out (Cole’s Song)

Daniel Corrigan | March 20th, 2020

So please bear with us. This is a sudden change.  We are trying to figure out how to work this remotely. I’m calling this season 2 of the podcast. This is a drastic change and things will not be the same as they were.



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Obviously, COVID-19 has forced this show to change drastically. As an Ohio State student living in a dorm, Cole was forced to move out. DJ is still on campus in his nice, comfy house. We will be doing the show on skype until next fall when we will both be back on campus (hopefully.)

Sports are canceled and causing us to really dig deep to find some topics to talk about. However, NFL free agency caused some big moves and stunning trades.

*DISCLAIMER* At one point, DJ refers to DeAndre Hopkins as “The best wide receiver in Baseball.” There is a perfectly good explanation. One, I wanted to bring up a baseball topic and the word baseball was in my head. Two, I was playing MLB the show during this podcast so I was literally playing baseball. I’m also very mad that Cole didn’t correct me and instead smirked.

Going forward, We will be doing a lot of NFL draft talk and previewing upcoming seasons, or the continuation of seasons that are currently suspended.

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