Jae Crowder Wants to Stay in Miami Long-Term

Jacari McRae  | March 16th, 2020 

A three-team trade that included Miami, Minnesota, and Memphis landed Andre Iguodala to the Heat. While Andre Iguodala was the big name in the deal, Jae Crowder has made the most impact on the team so far. Since his Heat debut on February 9th, Crowder has averaged 11.9 points and 5.8 rebounds while shooting 39.3 percent from beyond the arc.
Currently, the NBA season is on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s unknown when or if the season will return. But once the NBA returns, and free agency opens up, the Heat will have roster decisions to make. Crowder hopes that involves him staying with the team.

“I really want to make this my home,” Crowder told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I feel comfortable here, feel comfortable with the whole organization top to bottom. If everything goes as we plan, I’m sure everybody would like to stay together and build off what we’re doing this year and go into next year with the same mindset.” 

If the NBA ends up canceling the season, the Heat will finish fourth in the East with a 41-24 record. Because of injuries, Miami hasn’t been able to see their full roster yet. And if the season is canceled, then Miami won’t be able to take a longer look at the team.

Whenever free agency starts, the Heat will have approximately 27 million available in cap space. The cap space increases more if Kelly Olynyk opts out of his contract. With eyes towards 2021, the Heat will likely offer one-year deals. If Crowder accepts that, then it’s very possible Crowder will remain with the team for next season.

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