2019 Fantasy Football: Week 16 PPR Rankings

Frank Ammirante | December 18th, 2019

It’s championship week! Hopefully, my rankings helped you get to the pinnacle of Fantasy Football. Let’s help you taste glory and bring home the trophy.


1Lamar Jacksonat Browns
2Deshaun Watsonat Buccaneers
3Jameis Winstonvs. Texans
4Russell Wilsonvs. Cardinals
5Patrick Mahomesat Bears
6Dak Prescottat Eagles
7Matt Ryanvs. Jaguars
8Drew Breesat Titans
9Ryan Tannehillvs. Saints
10Kyler Murrayat Seahawks
11Aaron Rodgersat Vikings
12Carson Wentzvs. Cowboys
13Kirk Cousinsvs. Packers
14Jimmy Garoppolovs. Saints
15Mitchell Trubiskyvs. Chiefs
16Josh Allenat Patriots
17Philip Riversvs. Raiders
18Ryan Fitzpatrickvs. Bengals
19Andy Daltonat Dolphins
20Drew Lockvs. Lions
21Tom Bradyvs. Bills
22Jared Goffat 49ers
23Baker Mayfieldvs. Ravens
24Derek Carrat Chargers

Jackson is playing at too high of a level to ever consider dropping from the QB1 slot. The dark horse for QB1 is Ryan, who takes on a struggling Jaguars defense at home this week. I prefer Ryan over Brees and Tannehill for championship week.

Running Backs

1Christian McCaffreyat Colts
2Ezekiel Elliottat Eagles
3Saquon Barkleyat Redskins
4Derrick Henryvs. Saints
5Chris Carsonvs. Cardinals
6Nick Chubbvs. Ravens
7Leonard Fournetteat Falcons
8Joe Mixonat Dolphins
9Mark Ingramat Browns
10Aaron Jonesvs. Vikings
11Josh Jacobsat Chargers
12Austin Ekelervs. Raiders
13Alvin Kamaraat Titans
14Melvin Gordonvs. Raiders
15Marlon Mackat Panthers
16Devonta Freemanvs. Jaguars
17Miles Sandersvs. Cowboys
18Todd Gurleyat 49ers
19Kenyan Drakeat Seahawks
20Le’Veon Bellvs. Steelers
21Phillip Lindsayvs. Lions
22James Whitevs. Bills
23Raheem Mostertvs. Rams
24James Connerat Jets
25Mike Boonevs. Packers
26David Montgomeryvs. Chiefs
27Devin Singletaryat Patriots
28Kareem Huntvs. Ravens
29Adrian Petersonvs. Giants
30Tarik Cohenvs. Chiefs
31Patrick Lairdvs. Bengals
32Ronald Jonesvs. Texans
33Duke Johnsonat Buccaneers
34Sony Michelvs. Bills
35Carlos Hydeat Buccaneers
36Dalvin Cookvs. Packers

McCaffrey remains as the RB1 but temper your expectations with the change at quarterback to Will Grier. Kyle Allen had his faults but he loved checking it down to CMC so let’s see if Grier does the same. The dark horse for RB1 is Mack, who faces a Panthers defense that has been getting gashed on the ground on a weekly basis.

Wide Receivers

1Michael Thomasat Titans
2DeAndre Hopkinsat Buccaneers
3Julio Jonesvs. Jaguars
4Tyreek Hillat Bears
5Davante Adamsat Vikings
6Allen Robinsonvs. Chiefs
7DeVante Parkervs. Bengals
8D.J. Mooreat Colts
9A.J. Brownvs. Saints
10Keenan Allenvs. Raiders
11Amari Cooperat Eagles
12Courtland Suttonvs. Lions
13Tyler Lockettvs. Cardinals
14Stefon Diggsvs. Packers
15Julian Edelmanvs. Bills
16Robert Woodsat 49ers
17Terry McLaurinvs. Giants
18Will Fullerat Buccaneers
19Breshad Perrimanvs. Texans
20Kenny Golladayat Broncos
21D.K. Metcalfvs. Cardinals
22Michael Gallupat Eagles
23Cooper Kuppat 49ers
24Mike Williamsvs. Raiders
25Tyler Boydat Dolphins
26Christian Kirkat Seahawks
27Anthony Millervs. Chiefs
28Deebo Samuelvs. Rams
29Jarvis Landryvs. Ravens
30Emmanuel Sandersvs. Rams
31Adam Thielenvs. Packers
32Darius Slaytonat Redskins
33Odell Beckham Jr.vs. Ravens
34Sterling Shepardat Redskins
35T.Y. Hiltonvs. Panthers
36Dede Westbrookat Falcons
37Marquise Brownat Browns
38Jamison Crowdervs. Steelers
39Chris Conleyat Falcons
40John Brownat Patriots
41Robby Andersonvs. Steelers
42Brandin Cooksat 49ers
43James Washingtonat Jets
44Golden Tateat Redskins
45Zach Pascalvs. Panthers
46Curtis Samuelat Colts
47Cole Beasleyat Patriots
48Danny Amendolaat Broncos

Thomas is having a dominant season, so he remains in the WR1 slot. The dark horse for WR1 is Fuller, who’s been quiet in recent weeks due to injury but he has a great matchup against the most exploitable secondary in the NFL in Tampa Bay.

Tight Ends

1George Kittlevs. Rams
2Travis Kelceat Bears
3Zach Ertzvs. Cowboys
4Darren Wallerat Chargers
5Hunter Henryvs. Raiders
6Austin Hoopervs. Jaguars
7Mark Andrewsat Browns
8Jared Cookat Titans
9Tyler Higbeeat 49ers
10Noah Fantvs. Lions
11Jacob Hollistervs. Cardinals
12Dallas Goedertvs. Cowboys
13O.J. Howardvs. Texans
14Mike Gesickivs. Bengals
15Jack Doylevs. Panthers
16Kyle Rudolphvs. Packers
17Jason Wittenat Eagles
18Ian Thomasat Colts
19Jonnu Smithvs. Saints
20David Njokuvs. Ravens
21Cameron Bratevs. Texans
22Tyler Eifertat Dolphins
23Darren Fellsat Buccaneers
24Kaden Smithat Redskins

Kittle has been targeted 25 times over the last two games and as long as he’s receiving that kind of volume, he will remain the TE1 over Kelce, although it’s very close. The dark horse for TE1 is Howard, who’s in a prime position for plenty of targets with the injuries to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.


1New England Patriotsvs. Bills
2San Francisco 49ersvs. Rams
3Baltimore Ravensat Browns
4Pittsburgh Steelersat Jets
5Denver Broncosvs. Lions
6Kansas City Chiefsat Bears
7Seattle Seahawksvs. Cardinals
8Indianapolis Coltsvs. Panthers
9Buffalo Billsat Patriots
10New York Jetsvs. Steelers
11New Orleans Saintsat Titans
12Los Angeles Chargersvs. Raiders

The Patriots remain as the D/ST1 in a game at home against the division rival Bills. The dark horse for D/ST1 is the Chargers, who should be able to get to a Raiders team that has been one of the worst in the NFL over the last few weeks.

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