CeeDee Lamb: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | November 23rd, 2019 

CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma #2 

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 191 LBs

Year: Junior

Games watched:  Texas Tech, at West Virginia (2018), at Texas (2019), vs. Houston (2019), vs. Alabama (2018)

Lamb is at the top of my wide receiver board. He’s a flashy player who makes big plays on the ball. Lamb averages 22.3 yards per catch which show his incredible yards after catch (YAC) ability. Lamb is an elite athlete with an incredible motor and great agility.

I grade on a 100-point scale being distributed ten ways with ten different criteria which includes: Frame, Speed, Strength/Physicality, Release, Hips/Footwork, Catching, Playmaking/YAC, Contested Balls, Route Running, Athleticism

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9.5/10 Lamb has great size for a wide receiver that plays on the outside. I’d like to see him add a little bit more weight so he can better box out his opponents, but he’s only going to get stronger. He’s going to be hard for any cornerback in football to stop.


8.5/10 Although his speed is not elite, Lamb’s agility and athleticism makes up for it. He accelerates quickly in the open field which allows for extra YAC.


9/10 Lamb is extremely physical as a runner. He fights for every last yard. He is also able to box out pretty well. As I said earlier, there is room for improvement here, but he’s one of the best in the class at creating space to make plays.


9.5/10 Despite his lack of top-end speed, Lamb’s break off of the line of scrimmage and incredibly fluid footwork allow him to create separation quickly which leads to big plays and yards after the catch.


10/10 No one is more polished at body control in the air and fluid footwork than Lamb (in this class). He is a top of the line talent who is great at concentrating on the ball and adjusting his body to make difficult plays seem easy.


9.5/10 There is no doubt that Lamb is a natural pass-catcher. If you throw it his way, he seems to catch it nearly every time. 


10/10 Only Jerry Jeudy rivals Lamb’s ability to make big plays happen. As I said earlier, Lamb is electrifying after the catch which is a major reason why he averages 22 yards per catch. He is elusive and hard to bring down. 

Contested Balls

8.5/10 Some of the plays that I’ve seen Lamb make in tight coverage are incredible. I’d like to see him develop a bit more consistency in this department, but you can’t ask for much more from a young talent.

Route Running

9.5/10 Lamb has an advanced route tree, having played in an “air raid” style offense. His ability to learn routes and consistently catch the football will put him on every team’s “must-have” list going into the 2020 draft.


9.5/10 Despite his lack of elite speed, Lamb is still likely to run somewhere in the 4.5-4.6 range at the 40-yard dash. He is extremely elusive and agile. Overall, he is incredibly gifted with natural talent.


93.5/100 There is a reason why CeeDee Lamb is number one on my wide receiver board. He’s incredibly well-rounded and has an insane catch radius. He makes difficult plays look easy, especially when controlling his body in the air. He is a polished player, understanding advanced route trees and having incredible footwork and fluidity. His ability to make plays with the ball in his hand is unparalleled.

Round Grade: Early First Round

Projected Draft Position: Early-Mid First Round

Pro Comparison: DeAndre Hopkins

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