Tyler Johnson: 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Givanni Damico | November 23rd, 2019 

Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota #6

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 205 lbs

Year: Senior

Games I’ve watched: South Dakota State (2019), at Purdue (2019), at Iowa (2019), vs. Penn State (2019), vs. New Mexico State (2018)

Johnson is a very consistent target who runs crisp routes and provides plenty of YAC. His speed isn’t top of the line, and his physicality for his size isn’t there, but Johnson is reliable and catches most of what’s thrown his way.

I grade on a 100-point scale being distributed 10 ways with 10 different criteria. For wide receivers, these criteria include: Frame, Speed, Strength/Physicality, Release, Hips/Footwork, Catching, Playmaking/YAC, Contested Balls, Route Running, Athleticism

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8.5/10 Johnson is the perfect size for an NFL wide receiver, but he gets points off for his skill set not matching his frame. He’s not a physical player which hurts his stock a bit.


7.5/10 His speed is pretty average. He won’t burn a cornerback in one-on-one coverage, but when he has an open field, he manages to pick up plenty of YAC yards. 


6.5/10 As I said earlier, for a 6’2” wide receiver, Johnson just isn’t physical enough. His success rate on a 50/50 ball is lower than it should be and he doesn’t have the strength to box the defender out. Or maybe he does, but he doesn’t properly utilize his skill set.


8/10 Johnson’s first steps are what allows him to break away from defenders, not his speed. He is so good at the line of scrimmage that he is able to make up for what he doesn’t have by excelling at the abilities that he does possess. 


9/10 Johnson is a very fluid receiver who’s footwork allows him to make big plays down the field. He makes great cuts which allow him to sell his route. 


8/10 While reviewing the tape, I saw a few drops that shouldn’t have happened, but for the most part, Johnson is sure-handed. He struggles in tight man coverage to come down with contested balls, but we’ll discuss that later.


9/10 As I’ve said already, Johnson makes these precise cuts that confuse the defense. He does this instinctually and changes his direction without any problem. He breaks tackles to pick up extra yards and has a nonstop motor.

Contested Balls

8/10 Johnson comes down with jump balls often enough, although, for someone of his size, I’d like to see it happen a little more often. It’s an inconsistency issue, not an inability issue.

Route Running

9.5/10 I feel like I’m beating a dead horse talking about Johnson’s ability to change direction and extend the play so I’m just going to say that there may not be a better route runner in this class. This ability is extremely valuable to NFL owners because it shows the capability to learn, memorize, and perfect a new route tree.


7.5/10 There’s no doubt that Johnson is a good athlete, but he doesn’t possess elite athleticism. He isn’t incredibly effective in one-on-one coverage on a vertical route. Johnson is able to make up for this lack of athleticism because of his high football IQ and awareness to make plays.






81.5/100 Tyler Johnson is a criminally underrated talent in this draft. While his intangibles aren’t going to wow anybody, his football IQ and nonstop motor is unparalleled. He is a fantastic route runner and turns quick passes into large gains because of YAC yards. While he struggles with contested balls and overall physicality, this is a fixable issue that could make a huge impact on his game. 

Round Grade: Late First Round

Projected Draft Position: Mid-Late Second Round

Pro Comparison: Allen Robinson

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