Would You Rather: Game of the Century Edition

Andrew Harbaugh | November 7th, 2019 

As the sports world, even the political one, closes in on Tuscaloosa this coming Saturday, number two LSU battles number three Alabama in the latest Game of the Century. This game is chock-full of matchups across the board between future NFL players and high draft picks. Two phenomenal head coaches including the greatest college coach of all-time in Nick Saban. So much to process, and it’s just 72 hours away folks.

As for the storylines in the game, we have countless to choose from and discuss. How healed up will Tua Tagovailoa’s ankle be after having surgery on October 20th? Will Joe Burrow be the first LSU quarterback to beat Alabama since Jarrett Lee, even though he was replaced by Jordan Jefferson mid-game, in 2011.

The question is though, who would you rather have in certain matchups?

We have two future top five picks at quarterback on both sides of the field, we have two star-studded receiving corps, and of course two star-studded defenses.

Let us examine a couple of matchups here and who would be the better one to have of those matchups.

Who Would You Rather Have Longterm: Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa?

Answer: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Before we dive into this, I am not trying to tear down the legend that is Tua at this point. What concerns me with Tua we know what he is and has been for two years now, in terms of Joe Burrow we are seeing a progression on an upswing for him that no other quarterback has shown this year.

Burrow also gets the edge for me because of Tua and his ankle problems I will always take health into consideration when discussing players. Both men are so close on talent and pro potential but injuries have derailed carriers and franchises too many times to let me fall into that trap.

Who Will Project Better to the NFL: Alabama WRs or LSU WRs?

Answer: Alabama Wide Receivers

I love Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson are tremendous talents and will be great at the next level I truly believe, but this Alabama receiving corp is just on another level.

Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs will probably both be top 15 picks in the NFL Draft this coming April, Devonta Smith will be a day two pick most likely as well this year, and sophomore Jaylen Waddle is primed to break out once those top three-bolt to the NFL.

It comes down to LSU has two Lamborghinis at the receiver position but Alabama has a whole dealership of luxury cars essentially.

Who Would You Rather Have: The LSU Defense or the Alabama Defense?

Answer: LSU Defense

These two defenses are stock full of NFL talent at all positions.

Together they have a total of 12 defensive players across the board on defense that have gotten my attention enough to be drafted. What makes me pick LSU is the amount of freshmen starters on defense for Alabama.

LSU has more of a veteran presence, a healthy one at that, and for me in big games like this Saturday, I want players who have played in this game two to three times already instead of it being a new experience.

Regardless, both defenses will be tested this weekend and compared to previous years I see offense leading the way despite the talent on defense.

Which Incoming Recruiting Class Would You Rather Have?

Answer: Alabama

Who says we can’t look ahead to future games of the century?

Right now Alabama has the top recruiting class in the country, shocker right? They are led by 23 players in the ESPN Top 300 highlighted by defensive end Chris Braswell. Braswell is the lone five-star recruit for Nick Saban and being from Maryland is further proof in the genius recruiter Saban is and always will be as long as he stays in Tuscaloosa.

As for LSU, they have a strong recruiting class as they are fourth overall with 19 players on the ESPN 300 with five star Arik Gilbert being the star of Ed Orgeron’s class coming to Baton Rouge next fall.

The bottom line is both these teams aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and the strength of these classes is further proof.

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