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First Half Pitcher Rankings Using Rotisserie Scoring

Michael Simione | July 8th, 2019

The MLB All-Star break is upon us and I felt like I needed to update my rotisserie rankings. Below are all qualified pitchers (89.2 IP minimum) with their underlying numbers as well as some significant stats we use for fantasy. There are 78 pitchers on the list and by using the rotisserie point system here is how they would be ranked. Please note as there are a hundred other things you should look at before analyzing a pitcher but this gives us a nice base to start with.


  1. K-BB% really is an important stat. The best pitchers of this year have above a 20 K-BB%.
  2. SwStr% seems less important. Guys like Pineda and Bundy have a high SwStr% but have not seen good results this year.
  3. Julio Teheran should continue to blow up as he is bottom half on this list with horrible underlying numbers.
  4. Zach Davies seems likely to follow Teheran as his 5.00 xFIP and 5.27 SIERA are way off his ERA of 3.07.
  5. Sonny Gray is pretty high on this list and I actually like him a lot this year. I wrote about him the first month of the season as he has a high K-BB% with a solid xFIP to support it.
  6. Matt Boyd is really a budding star. His K-BB% is almost on par with Chris Sale this year. Coming into this season a lot of people wanted to see his velocity up (which it is) because it would make a world of a difference for him. Clearly, this was true and look at what he is doing this year.
  7. Brandon Woodruff seems pretty legit this year. Thankfully I dropped him a few weeks into the season on one of my teams…
  8. Aaron Nola, Trevor Bauer, Zack Wheeler, and Joe Musgrove seem low on here and I would expect all of them to rise by the end of the season.

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