Kawhi Leonard Signs with Los Angeles Clippers

Alex Perl  | July 6th, 2019

After what has proven to be the longest and most overblown free agency decision in years, if ever, Kawhi Leonard, Friday night finally made his decision. Leonard signed for Los Angeles and not the LA team most of the world is familiar with. In a decision that left media pundits, social media and the world in hysteria. Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers in what can be described as stunning fashion.

The Los Angeles Clippers the so-called second team in Los Angeles, provided double the shock Friday night as well. After Leonard’s signing, they made a massive trade to acquire Paul George. Yes, that Paul George, the All-NBA, and MVP candidate who yes the Los Angeles Lakers struck out on signing previously. With George now in the fold also, the Clippers are now a major contender in not only the West but the league.

To understand the ramifications of this signing of Leonard is quite unimaginable, the whole landscape of the NBA has now been turned upside down. Leonard is the reigning Finals MVP, who not only spurned his previous team the NBA champion Toronto Raptors, he also turned down the glitz and glamour of LA’s more popular team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and a chance to form a super team with stars LeBron James and the newly acquired Anthony Davis. With most pundits and nearly every social media account who had “Sources,” Favoring a move between the Raptors and Lakers, Leonard went against the grain and chose the one team everyone had counted out.

With Leonard and George vs James and Davis, this will be quite a site for Los Angeles and the world to see. With both teams sharing space at the Staples Center, the battle of LA is now officially underway. By the way, in case it hasn’t quite sunk in, it is indeed true, Kawhi Leonard is officially a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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