Lakers Free Agency Targets

Levon Satamian | June 26th, 2019

Free agency is less than a week away, and the Lakers will look to make a splash, after acquiring Anthony Davis.

The Lakers can possibly sign a player such as Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, or Kyrie Irving. Kawhi Leonard should be the only player that the Lakers give a max contract to if they have enough money to offer a max contract. But, the Lakers have another option as well. They can aim to sign D’Angelo Russell, and significant role players such as Patrick Beverley, and Brook Lopez.

Patrick Beverley did say whoever offers the most money is where he will go, but it would be great to have a back-court of D’Angelo Russell and Patrick Beverley. Worst-case scenario Beverley doesn’t sign with the Lakers and signs with the Dallas Mavericks or Chicago Bulls. What other guards should the Lakers target?

I’ve seen a lot of Laker fans wanting J.J. Redick. I wouldn’t mind Redick if the price is right. But, he is a liability on the defensive end. There are better options for the right price. Darren Collison, Seth Curry, Terrence Ross, Jeremy Lamb, Danny Green, Kyle Korver, and Reggie Bullock. Kyle Korver isn’t great on defense either, but he does not have a height disadvantage as a shooting guard or small forward, in most cases. This is assuming, Korver gets bought out by the Grizzlies. Terrence Ross is another viable option, but not the best option. Reggie Bullock had his moments with the Lakers on both ends of the basketball court, knocking down threes, and getting stops on the defensive end. Danny Green is unlikely to leave Toronto, as he just won a championship there, but he would be a reliable option. Darren Collison is a veteran point guard, and the Lakers could use his experience in the playoffs, however, they can’t overpay to sign him. Seth Curry played well off the bench in the playoffs for the Blazers, and he would be a good signing for the right price. The best option is Jeremy Lamb. He got paid only $7M last season, and averaged 15.3 points, on 44% shooting, 5.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. Lamb is 6’5″ and can play well on both ends of the basketball court.

Brook Lopez would be a reliable option for LA, as he averaged 2.3 three-pointers made and attempted 6.3 three-pointers per game. If Lopez joins LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he will have more of an opportunity to thrive. Lopez doesn’t get many rebounds, as he’s averaged just 6.5 rebounds over his eleven-year career, and he averaged less than five rebounds combined in Los Angeles and Milwaukee. However, Lopez makes up for his lack of rebounding, with his three-point shooting. The Lakers need a stretch-five, and Lopez is a good option for the right price. JaVale McGee should be re-signed and come off the bench if Lopez signs. McGee had a good start and finish to the season, so hopefully, the Lakers will bring him back for at least one more year.

The Lakers top priority should be signing Kawhi Leonard. If that doesn’t happen, they should focus on signing D’Angelo Russell. Then ideally, signing Patrick Beverley, Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lamb, or Kyle Korver. If the Lakers could re-sign Reggie Bullock or Rajon Rondo, then they should, as Bullock had an above average season with the time he was in LA. Rondo has experience playing with Anthony Davis and sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs, and he played with LeBron last season. If the Lakers can sign two of these three players: Patrick Beverley, Brook Lopez, or Jeremy Lamb, and two of these four players: Rajon Rondo, Reggie Bullock, Kyle Korver, or JaVale McGee, along with D’Angelo Russell, they should be contenders for a championship next season.

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