The Transfer Saga of Antoine Griezmann

Alex Perl | June 2nd, 2019
The dust has now settled on the 2018-2019 season. Liverpool F.C. has now raised the Champions league title, La Liga was dominated by Barcelona, and that leaves one mystery unsolved. What shall be the fate of Antoine Griezmann?

Griezmann is quite the entertainer, the French national is a polarizing figure, whose personality is as big as his medal collection. He’s won a World Cup, won La Liga player of the year as well being nominated for the Ballon d’Or on multiple occasions. With all of these accolades to his name, and being in his prime after just turning 28, the question being asked isn’t about where he will go, but who wants him.

Despite the success the 28 year old forward has had over the course of his career, his now preferred destination F.C. Barcelona may not feel the same. After a successful spell with Atletico Madrid, it seems Griezmann is ready to move on to a bigger and more successful club. Although with anything in life, what we want may not be what we receive.

Griezmann is known as a well documented American basketball fan. He has attended numerous games in America and has made his love for the game well known. After winning the 2018 World Cup with France, he further stamped this by declaring his love for Derrick Rose in front of the entire world, while interrupting his teammate Paul Pogba‘s interview by professing “I love Derrick Rose.” Rose is an MVP winning Point Guard in the NBA (National Basketball Association), With this being said, in 2018 Griezmann took his fandom to a whole new level, by deciding in the summer in a mock documentary titled “The Decision”, a la LeBron James making this same sort of television special, when he chose between his free agency options. It was broadcast on international television around the world, that he would be picking between to stay at Atletico Madrid or join FC Barcelona. With the overblown and unnecessary special he stated he would extend his contract and stay with Atletico Madrid.

Now lets fast forward a year later, Atletico did not win any Trophies in 2018-2019, bowed out early in the UEFA Champions League and finished second in La Liga. With the utter disappointment of not bringing home any trophies, Griezmann made the decision only a year after his televised documentary, that he would be leaving Atletico. With Barcelona his second preferred destination just a year prior, it now seemed would be his first. Barcelona players feeling offended and angered by his televised decision before, have now made strong claims that they do not want Griezmann to join their club. Apparently Griezmann is now angered by the rejection and despite his initial eagerness to join the club, it seems the feeling is no longer mutual. According to FC Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet, he was quoted as saying “We are all on alert” describing Griezmann, showing support for his French teammate.

When it comes to the world of European Soccer, gossip is one thing that appears more often than facts, so who knows how the players feel within Barcelona, but with multiple reports detailing Barcelona do not want Griezmann, you can understand their view point. Especially after the embarrassment he provided them with only a year prior, the only thing for certain is no one is quite sure where the French international will play next year. Only time will tell, and with the summer transfer window opening up, the drama surrounding Griezmann will finally be settled.

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