Bold Predictions from The Scorecrow

The Scorecrow| September 6th, 2018

Every year we go into the football season with hopes and dreams for our teams. Whether they are realistic or not, every team starts the season 0-0. Here are some bold predictions from our NFL and Fantasy Football writers. Many of these are longshots. Some are attainable in the right circumstances. They are all bold. Let’s see if they come true.

The Bold Predictions from The Scorecrow

@Fantasy_Giant – The Patriots will not be in the AFC Championship Game this year

Davante Adams will have 14 TDs this season

Tom Brady does not pass for 4.000 yards

Adrian Peterson rushes for 1,000 yards and 10 TDs

Ben Watson outscores Jimmy Graham

@Scot557Philip Rivers wins the MVP

Leonard Fournette leads the NFL in rushing

@KodyclawsonPatrick Mahomes passes for 4,500 yards

@PranavRama1Steelers will get the No. 1 seed in the AFC

The Bears will be 3-13

The Browns go 9-7

@AresgodFFDavid Johnson will go 1,000/1,000 rushing/receiving this year

@TheMaj_FantasySaquon Barkley has over 2,000 yards from scrimmage

@__Chazz301Jordan Reed will play all 16 games this year

@jball0202Drew Brees will throw for 5,000 yards

Todd Gurley will rush for 2,000 yards

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